Fox News President: ‘We Still Don’t Know Anything About Obama’

Roger Ailes

In a guest lecture at Ohio University Monday night, Fox News head Roger Ailes touched on media bias, the Obama administration’s legitimacy, and whether comedian Jon Stewart would be on air without Fox News.

During the event, titled “FOX News: Past, Present and Future,” Ailes argued that U.S. voters still don’t know anything about Barack Obama — a line commonly repeated by conservative commentators and far-right legislators:

Still, Ailes criticized the New York Times, the AP, and MSNBC for being unbalanced left-leaning news sources:

He also knocked comedian Jon Stewart, whose news parody show The Daily Show often mocks Fox News:

At Ailes’ request, no audio or video was allowed at the event. According to Wesley Lowery, a reporter who was in attendance, “Moderator Andy Alexander asked him specifically about that, and whether it showed a lack of transparency. Ailes responded that OU asked him to speak, so OU has to play by his rules. ‘To be honest, I don’t give a damn about being here,'” Ailes said.


Roger Ailes has apparently apologized for some of his comments. According to the Daily Beast, “a senior Fox News executive says Ailes realizes he went too far” when he called the New York Times “a bunch of lying scum.”

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