Anonymous Group Of Scott Walker Supporters Attacks ‘Radical’ Public School Teachers Who Criticized Education Cuts

An anonymous organization in Rock County, Wisconsin is distributing flyers targeting public school teachers for fighting back against Governor Scott Walker’s (R) cuts to education and accusing them of “false indoctrination,” the “sexualization of minor children,” and advancing a “Marxist/Globalist agenda in Wisconsin’s Schools.”

The flyers, sent to parents across the Janesville School District, list hundreds of teachers and their annual salaries, along with a plea for residents to contact the school district administration and ask that their child “be assigned to a classroom taught by a non-radical teacher.” Another brochure claims that teachers “dumbed down” the curriculum and teach revisionist and “anti-American” history. “Parents, do you want your children to be free Americans or slaves to the United Nations?” it asks. See the flyers, obtained by ThinkProgress:

All of these false allegations appear to be in response to the union’s resistance to Walker’s draconian cuts to educational institutions around the state. As part of Act 10, the same measure that stripped away collective bargaining last year, some teachers have seen their salaries fall by as much as 30 percent. Teachers were also one of the largest constituencies to protest Walker’s budget at the state capital in Madison last year, and their unions have been outspoken supporters of the recall efforts.

While there is no indication that the fliers are in any way tied directly to the Walker campaign, in several different instances the authors of the documents explicitly defend the governor’s fiscal policies and attack teachers who have supported the recall. The most recent document encourages parents to visit the website iverifytherecall.com to see if their child’s teacher signed a recall petition.

The fliers can be viewed in full here and here.