Billionaire Promotes Documentary Claiming Obama Is Implementing ‘The Anticolonial Agenda Of His Father’

Just days after coming under criticism for considering an ad campaign that ties President Obama to Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Joe Ricketts — the founder of TD Ameritrade — is promotingThe Roots of Obama’s Rage,” a 2010 book and yet-to-be released documentary which alleges that Obama is implementing “the ‘anticolonial’ agenda of his Kenyan father.” The book, by Dinesh D’Souza, claims “Obama has a dream, a dream from his father, that the sins of colonialism be set right and America be downsized.” D’Souza himself has said that “For Obama, the radical Muslims are on the right side of history -– that’s why he is so unnaturally solicitous toward them.” Ricketts, however, has described D’Souza a “respected scholar” and “helped pay for newspaper and Internet advertisements” promoting the book.