Morning Briefing: Crucial Bills Are Languishing In Congress

— The re-authorization of the Violence Against Women Act, new funds for the U.S. highway system, and a bill to prevent interest rates on student loan debt from doubling are all stuck in Congress with no clear path out.

— While everyone is focused on Greece, the question that could really destroy the Eurozone is what to do about Spain: “[U]nlike Greece, Spain is not small and an externally financed bailout would be very expensive.”

— The GOP-affiliated Crossroads GPS is going after Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) in a new ad, “Obamacare? More like Obama-Claire”:

— The rate at which investors are abandoning the Eurozone is speeding up:

— And finally: The U.S. Senate is out of town this week, but an employee “assigned to care for furniture used by Senate offices stole and illegally sold more than $13,700 worth of tables and chairs to a used furniture dealer in Virginia.”