Morning Briefing: Romney Plans To Appoint Businessmen To His Cabinet

In an interview on a conservative talk radio show yesterday, Mitt Romney told host Michael Medved that he would appoint more successful CEO types to positions in his cabinet if elected.

— A town in Ireland became the first to endorse gay marriage in the country last night, after unanimously passing a resolution in favor of the measure.

— Americans now owe more than $1 trillion in student loans, more than they owe in credit card payments. Credit Sesame warns that student loan debt is the next bubble that could burst. (Click for the whole infographic.)

— A federal judge “who in December blocked parts of a South Carolina law cracking down on illegal immigrants said on Monday the law would remain on hold until an appeals court ruled on the case.”

— And finally: If Congress were elementary school, Maine Sen. Susan Collins (R) would certainly earn a gold star. This week she expects to cast her 5,000th consecutive vote. She hasn’t missed a single one since taking office in January 1997.