Steve King Defends Dog Fighting Comments In Bizarre Diatribe

Yesterday, ThinkProgress reported on Rep. Steve King’s (R-IA) comments that “there’s something wrong with” outlawing dogfighting when “people fighting” is legal. King has since tried to backtrack from the claim, arguing that while his words were “distorted,” he still believes that “we’ve crossed a moral line” by “elevating animals up to above that of humans.”

In explaining himself, King argues that animals have more rights than fetuses, and suggests that liberals have so devalued life, that a man can rape a young girl, kidnap her, force her to undergo an abortion across state lines, and then “drop her off at the swingset….and that’s not against the law in the United States of America.” Watch it:

King also claimed that he has broken up more dog fights than he started and has instructed his staff “to post three of those family dogs up on the Facebook page tonight so you can see what goes on in our house.”