Top GOP Strategist Pushes Romney To Release More Tax Returns: ‘Two Years Is Not Enough, Obviously’

Longtime Republican strategist Ed Rollins today joined 20 other Republicans by saying Mitt Romney should “absolutely” release more years of tax returns. Despite increasing pressure from both Democrats and Republicans, and 61 percent of voters who want to see more taxes, Romney has refused to release more than two years.

In an interview with Fox News Sunday’s Chris Wallace, Rollins said:

ED ROLLINS: I think at this point in time it’s going to dog him all the way and he needs to get it behind him. He paid a lot of money in taxes. He’s made a lot of money.

CHRIS WALLACE: Wait, do you think he should release more taxes?

ROLLINS: I think he should release his taxes.

WALLACE: Really, you know it’s not going to satisfy the Democrats. They’re going to look at it and obviously there are shelters in there, perfectly legal shelters.

ROLLINS: At the end of the day, you come to a point where you give them a little more and you move forward. Two years is not enough, obviously.

Watch the video:

This makes 21 prominent Republicans who agree Romney should follow precedent and release more years of tax returns, including George Will, Bill Kristol, Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley, Gov. Rick Perry, and the National Review editorial board.

Instead of releasing more documents, which would reveal more information on how much Romney has benefitted from tax loopholes and offshore havens, Romney told reporters this week, “I have paid taxes every year. A lot of taxes.”