Morning Briefing: GOP To Remind Voters ‘We Did Build This!’ From A Stadium Built With Government Funding

— A full day of the Republican National Convention will be dedicated to the theme “We Did Build This!” One problem: the venue hosting the RNC is funded mostly by taxpayer dollars.

— Even Mitt Romney’s advisers admit that by repealing the Affordable Care Act, Mitt Romney will likely end up driving Medicare towards insolvency within his first term.

— The New York Times offers a harrowing look into the Syrian uprising in Allepo:

— This summer’s climate change-feuled wildfires were the most devastating ever when measured by acreage destroyed. Here’s a snapshot of the impact of a series of western fires from just this week:

— And Finally: When asked to come up with a system on how our collective wealth should be distributed, more than 90 percent of Republicans preferred Sweden’s model to the US model.