Morning Briefing: Voters Remain Skeptical Of Romney’s Medicare Privatization Plan

— Voters in the three key swing states of Ohio, Florida and Wisconsin trust President Obama by a wide margin over Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to handle Medicare, an issue that ranks behind only the economy and health care in importance to voters.

— Republican Governor Rick Snyder of Michigan, is prepared to partner with the federal government in creating an online portal for residents to shop for their own health insurance.

— Since Republicans seem to be having some difficulty in figuring out when a woman can get pregnant, Mother Jones has put together this handy flowchart:

— And finally: Add Twisted Sister to the long list of bands filing complaints against Republicans for inappropriately using their music. Dee Snider has asked Paul Ryan not to use any of his band’s songs, saying “there is almost nothing he stands for that I agree with except the use of the P90X.”