Morning Briefing: Bill Clinton Steals The Show

– By all measures, President Bill Clinton had a winning performance in Charlotte last night. CNN said he “was not only charismatic, but serious.” Washington Post reviewed him as “master explainer and policy clarifier, party morale booster extraordinaire.” The New York Times found him to be ” perfect counterpoint to the Republican Party’s assault on President Obama.” BBC labeled him a “master tactician,” and Reuters deemed him “Obama’s most valuable weapon.”

– The Washington Post’s Sarah Kliff interviewed convention speaker and women’s health advocate Sandra Fluke, who gained national fame when she was barred from testifying before Congress about the need for affordable birth control. “It’s important that people are talking about this rather than it just being something Congress legislates,” Fluke said. “People realize their lives are being effected.”

– In case you missed it from last night’s convention, Massachusetts Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren had the crowd on their feet when she explained the differences between corporations and people:

– Google searches for Bill Clinton peaked during certain parts of his speech. This graph, provided by Politico, shows the lines that drove the most traffic:

– And Finally: Someone planted some empty chairs next to a cutout of Clint Eastwood on the side of a California freeway.