Romney Immigration Adviser Goes Birther, May Keep Obama Off Kansas Ballot

Romney immigration adviser and Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach is considering banning President Barack Obama from the ballot in his state this fall for a lack of sufficient proof that he was born in the United States.

He and his colleagues on the Kansas’s Objections Board will decide Monday whether to accept the birther-based attempt to debilitate Obama’s re-election. The move was prompted by a Kansas resident’s written complaint that Obama may be lying about where he was born.

In a meeting Thursday with the Objections Board, Kobach said he thought the argument that Obama was born outside of the country was not “frivolous.” He expounded on those comments in an interview with TPM Thursday night:

“A ‘frivolous’ argument, in legal terms, is one that cannot reasonably be made under any circumstances,” Kobach wrote. “The objection passed that very low threshold, which is not saying much.”[…]

In his emails to TPM, Kobach also said more records “could easily be obtained, and should be obtained, from the relevant states before issuing any decision.” He declined to say whether he personally believes Obama in a natural born U.S. citizen, but said he might be more willing to speak on Monday “after the matter is closed.”

Romney happily accepted Kobach’s endorsement in January, and said he “look[ed] forward” to working with him. And before that, Kobach had hinted at birther sentiments — he once joked, back in July of 2009, that what President Obama and God have in common is that “neither has a birth certificate,” but “God only takes 10 percent of a person’s income.”

His state is also not the only one to consider a birther ban. So-called “birther bills” that give new requirements for preisdential candidates to prove their citizenship have cropped up in Arizona, Louisiana, Missouri, Montana, and Texas.

Obama, whose mother was born in Kansas, has released the long-form original version of his birth certificate.


CBS News reports that Kobach has abandoned the effort.

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