Morning Briefing: Romney Doubles Down On 47 Percent

– Mitt Romney tried to quell outrage over leaked videos of the candidate privately claiming 47% of the Americans are “dependent” and “entitled” with a press conference Monday night. He stood by the remarks and took only 3 questions.

– Wired rounds up the best satirical #MuslimRage tweets inspired by Newsweek’s Islamophobic cover.

– On the anniversary of Occupy Wall Street, the Daily Beast shows how corporate profits have risen as labor share plunged since 1980. The disparity has grown even more in the past decade:

– Mother Jones has released another leaked video of Romney, this time stating that peace in the Middle East is impossible:

– And finally, Michelle Obama made an appearance on the Rachael Ray Show yesterday, where she cooked turkey burgers and played a foodie “Would You Rather.”