Giuliani: Obama’s ‘Incompetence’ Has Killed Americans, He Should Resign

Former New York City Mayor and 2008 GOP presidential candidate called on President Obama to resign over the nation’s 7.9 percent unemployment rate and argued that Mitt Romney’s experience in running the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics could have prevented the deaths of four Americans in Libya. Giuliani made the comments during a rally for Romney and Paul Ryan in Ohio on Friday.

“Our growth is at 1.2 percent. He should resign! He told us he would resign if he did poorly,” Giluliani shouted to the crowd, referring to a 2009 interview during which Obama promised to turn the economy around. He claimed that Obama is covering up the truth in the Libya incident and that his actions or policies have killed Americans who might otherwise still be alive:

GIULIANI: If [Romney] can have the same success for us that he had in running the Olympics, maybe something like what happened in Libya could have been avoided! Maybe if we had a president who was paying attention, we wouldn’t be going through all of this investigation of what’s being covered up about Libya!… You know of what happened in Libya is the result of at least of incompetence. You think if we had elected John McCain president of the United States, those people wouldn’t have had the full resources of the United States of America there in Benghazi trying to save them!? Well, we’ve got to change to right that wrong. We’ve got to elect a Commander in Chief who will not leave Americans behind! … Millions of Americans have paid the price of being unemployed. I believe some Americans who might not have had to have died, may have died because we had incompetence in the White House.

Watch it:

Giuliani’s Libya charges — particularly the claim that the Obama administration withheld assistance during the September 11 attack on the U.S. diplomatic mission in Libya — are making the rounds on Fox News, but have already been dismissed by the nation’s security agencies. As the Los Angeles Times has reported, “At every level in the chain of command, from the senior officers in Libya to the most senior officials in Washington, everyone was fully engaged in trying to provide whatever help they could,” a senior intelligence official said in a statement. “There were no orders to anybody to stand down in providing support.” The Pentagon, White House, and CIA have all denied refusing requests for support.