Utah City Council Says Every Home Should Own A Gun

The city council in the small town of Spring City, Utah (population: 1,000) is considering writing a resolution that would suggest everyone in the town own a gun and take training classes on how to use it. The measure is the town’s response to last month’s shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

According to the Deseret News, officials hope the proposal will help supplement the short-staffed police department in Spring City. And while it originally would have required every resident to own a gun, officials realized that “we don’t like big government,” so they will simply make gun ownership a suggested measure:

Councilman Neil Sorensen proposed the issue during last week’s City Council meeting. At the time, Sorensen suggested enacting an ordinance that would require gun ownership. But after some discussion, a preliminary vote was taken and the council unanimously agreed to pursue a resolution that would just recommend that every home in the city own a gun.

A draft of the resolution will be written prior to February’s City Council meeting and a public hearing will be held before final action is taken.

“We’re talking about the wording for it now,” Sorensen said. “We don’t like big government so we’re not going to force anyone.” […].

Spring City relies on a part-time police force and, as a result, response times are not always ideal, he said. But he believes that by having a trained gun owner in every home, residents would ideally be able to defend themselves and act as a crime deterrent.

Having a gun in the home — no matter who owns that gun — increases the likelihood that someone in that home will die by gunshot. Spring City residents, especially those who have children in the house, may not be as keen on the city council’s proposal as officials hope.

At the same time, the role of America’s so-called “big government” is to provide protections and services that citizens cannot or are unwilling to supply themselves. So perhaps the real solution for Spring City’s understaffed police force would be more government funding, instead of the arming of citizens.