Fox News’ Latest Sexist Attack Against Hillary: ‘Face Lift, Perhaps?’

Fox and Friends host Steve Doocy took a shot at outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Wednesday morning, speculating that she underwent a face lift in the last two weeks. In a quick headline roundup, Doocy quipped that Clinton’s new website featured her “glamorous new face,” while Fox showed a side-by-side comparison of her website photo and a photo from Clinton’s exasperated testimony at the Senate’s hearing on the Benghazi attacks.

Is this the face of presidential ambition? Days after retiring as Secretary of State, somebody has launched a website for her, showing off this glamorous new face. Face lift, perhaps? Well, that’s fueling rumors about a run for president in 2016, but her aides say it’s simply a way for fans and the media to reach her.

Watch it:

An hour earlier, Doocy’s co-host Gretchen Carlson read the same headline round up, but instead noted the website showed off Clinton’s “glamorous new look.” Doocy’s joke is just the latest sexist dig aimed at Clinton. After the Benghazi hearing, the New York Post — a tabloid owned, like Fox News, by conservative media mogul Rupert Murdoch — published an offensive cover featuring Clinton’s angry testimony alongside the joke, “No Wonder Bill’s Afraid!”


Doocy defended himself on Twitter:

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