North Carolina Legislator: Obamacare Worse Than Terrorists, Stalin, Hitler Combined


A 2008 Bob Rucho for North Carolina Senate re-election ad

North Carolina State Senator Bob Rucho (R) tweeted Sunday that he believes the Affordable Care Act ranks as worse than the worst atrocities of the past century.

The dentist and Finance Committee Co-Chair claimed:

After several other Twitter users criticized his comment, Rucho posted a follow-up observation: “Those that tweeted, put your thinking caps back on: ‘The PEN is mightier than the SWORD.’ Edward Bulwar-Lytton,1839. But surely you knew that.”

Rucho was a primary sponsor of a bill this year to prohibit North Carolina from setting up a health insurance exchange or participating in the Medicaid expansion. About 377,000 North Carolinians would be eligible for Medicaid coverage if the state were not refusing to take part.

In February, Rucho has called a bill to slash the state’s unemployment program a “re-employment bill.” He also backed using a regressive sales tax to cover the cost of a corporate tax cut repeal.

Last month, Rucho campaign website highlighted his view that North Carolina’s legislator should not “allow our legal residents to lose their opportunity for education, growth and job training,” by allowing “illegal immigrants to take their place in the local community college classroom.”

(HT: BlueNC)