Bush Defends Cruel Comments On Oregon Mass Murder, Blasts Critics As ‘Sad And Beyond Craven’

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“Look, stuff happens. There’s always a crisis.”

This was Jeb Bush’s reaction, at an event this afternoon in South Carolina, to a mass murder in Oregon and also his explaination for why he opposed any additional gun control measures.

Asked about his comments after the event Bush told a reporter that his comment “wasn’t a mistake.”

The comments were quickly met by an avalanche of criticism by Democrats and in the media. President Obama, told of Bush’s comments, said “I don’t even think I have to react to that one. The American people should hear that.”

The Bush campaign continues to defend his comments and is now lashing out at his critics.

Donald Trump had a somewhat similar reaction to the massacre on Friday morning. “These things happen,” Trump said, adding, “It’s a horrible things to behold, horrible.” Trump said he opposed any additional gun control measures.