Ted Cruz Gave A Preview Of His State Of The Union In 2018. And It’s Wild.

CREDIT: AP Photo/Cheryl Senter

Presidential hopeful Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas),speaking at the Practical Federalism Forum hosted by American Principles Project held at Southern New Hampshire University in Hooksett, N.H., Saturday, Oct. 3, 2015.

During a campaign event Tuesday immediately before President Obama’s final State of the Union address, GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz gave a speech as if he were giving the address as president in 2018. In his remarks, he outlined all the progress of the last eight years that he would have reversed and all of the government agencies he would have repealed.

“In 2018, let me tell you how the State of the Union goes,” he said in his town hall in New Hampshire. “Ladies and gentleman, the state of the union is strong… Boy have things changed in Washington.”

Turned the IRS into a Trump hotel

Cruz joked that, as president in 2018, he recently abolished the Internal Revenue Service and sold the building to Donald Trump who turned it into a hotel. “I’m pleased to say after months of that haunted house, we have finally auctioned off the IRS building to the public, and I for one am particularly pleased that my good friend Donald Trump will be building a hotel where the IRS used to stand,” he said.

Built the border wall, financed by Trump

He also said that just last week, Trump finished building the wall — “Donald paid for it” — and strengthened security on the border.

Hillary Clinton is in prison

And, he joked, Hillary Clinton is in prison. “You know I have to say, we’ve never had a president serving from Leavenworth,” he said about the prison in Kansas. “But had prisoner 260401 been elected president, we would have seen 12 million people here granted amnesty.”

Repealed Obamacare

“In the year 2017, Congress listened to the American people and we repealed every word of Obamacare,” he said. “Our long national nightmare is over.”

Passed a flat tax

After repealing Obamacare, he continued, Congress “heard the mandate that came out of November 2016, and we passed a simple flat tax.”

Got rid of ISIS

“In the past year, we haven’t simply weakened, we haven’t simply degraded, we have utterly and completely destroyed ISIS,” he said.

“Two years ago, the terrorists thought they were winning,” he continued. “Two years ago, militants from across the world were going to fight with ISIS. Two years ago, they were beheading American children. Two years ago, they were crucifying Christians. Today, every American citizen that went and joined ISIS, that waged jihad against America, has found their American citizenship revoked.”

Invited Netanyahu to the Capitol

He even hinted at what guests he would invite to sit in the audience, including Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Little Sisters of the Poor, a religious organization that has sued the federal government arguing that having to sign a document to opt out of contraceptive coverage is a burden.

“For years, we were ashamed to see the federal government… trying to impose millions of dollars on that Catholic charity in order to force nuns to pay for abortion inducing drugs and others,” he said. “As you know, it was a year ago that the federal government’s case against you was dismissed…Never again will the government be persecuting you or anybody else’s religious liberty.”