Karl Rove Touts Marco Rubio’s Momentum In Virginia, Gets Interrupted For Fox To Call State For Trump

CREDIT: Screenshot/Fox News

The Republican establishment keeps trying to make Marco Rubio happen.

The Florida Senator has not won any states. But he is the favorite of Republican power brokers and, to date, has been successful in pushing a narrative of “momentum” into the media.

A stark example of these phenomena come together in one moment tonight on Fox News. Karl Rove was touting Rubio’s momentum in Virginia, suggesting returns showing Trump with a lead would tighten as the night went on.

He was interrupted for Fox News to call the state for Donald Trump.

Later on Fox News, Rubio was still spinning. Despite losing every state, Rubio said he “basically fought Trump to a draw” in Virginia. He would have won, he said, if he “didn’t have to share the ballot with two or three other people.”