Trump Suggests His Respect For International Law Only Goes So Far

CREDIT: Screengrab

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump was for waterboarding and “a hell of a lot worse” until last week, when he suddenly developed a newfound respect for the Geneva Conventions, saying, “I will not order a military officer to disobey the law.”

But during a Wednesday interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Trump indicated that his respect for international law might only go so far.

“It’s very interesting what happens with the Geneva Conventions,” Trump said. “Everybody believes in the Geneva Conventions until they start losing and then, okay, let’s take out the bomb when they start losing.”

Trump, referring to terrorists, went on to say, “They just chopped off 20 heads of Christians and others. They just drowned 40 people, and they are sitting around watching us arguing about waterboarding.”

Despite overwhelming evidence that waterboarding doesn’t produce good intelligence, Trump told Cooper that as president, he’ll work to legalize it. He also tried to explain away his previous stance that he’d “take out” the families of terrorists, arguing that by “take out” he didn’t necessarily mean kill them.

Of course, both waterboarding and killing the families of terrorists are illegal under the Geneva Conventions.