Despite Audio, Bruises And Witnesses, Trump Denies That His Campaign Manager Assaulted Reporter

CREDIT: AP photos

Donald Trump (left) and his campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski

Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields’ claim that she was assaulted Tuesday night by Donald Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski is corroborated by an audio transcript of the incident published by Politico, an eyewitness account from a Washington Post reporter, and visible bruises on Fields’ body.

Despite all that evidence, Trump told reporters after Thursday’s debate that he thinks Fields made the whole thing up:

Meanwhile, Lewandowski continues to try and character assassinate Fields:

Fields, for her part, isn’t backing down:

Trump’s denial of the incident came after a debate where he defended comments he’s made encouraging supporters to beat up protesters at his rally. The other Republican candidates were given an opportunity to condemn the violent tone of Trump’s campaign, but they instead pivoted and talked about other things. None of the candidates mentioned Lewandowski’s alleged assault of Fields at any point during the night.

Before the debate, Breitbart CEO and Presisdent Larry Solov released a statement standing by Fields and calling on Lewandowski to apologize:

But if what Trump and Lewandowski said later in the evening is any indication, that apology will probably never be forthcoming.