Chaos Erupts After Trump Abruptly Cancels Chicago Rally Due To Massive Showing By Protesters

CREDIT: AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast

Protesters against Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump chant Bernie, Bernie, and We Stopped Trump, after a rally on the campus of the University of Illinois-Chicago, was canceled Friday, March 11, 2016, in Chicago

Donald Trump landed in Chicago on Friday intending to speak to a major gathering of supporters.

He never showed up.

Protesters showed up in large numbers both outside and inside an arena at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Eventually there was an announcement over the loud speaker:

Mr. Trump just arrived in Chicago, and after meeting law enforcement, has determined that for the safety of all the tens of thousands of people that have gathered in and around the arena tonight’s rally will be postponed until another date. Thank you very much for your attendance, and please go in peace.

After the announcement was made, some protesters celebrated:

Then choas errupted:

Trump campaign events have been beset by violence, which Trump has, at times, implicitly and explicitly encouraged. Today, he described violence against protesters as “very appropriate.”

A criminal complaint was filed today by a female reporter for Breitbart who alleges she was assaulted by Trump’s campaign manager. Her story is supported by another reporter from the Washington Post who witnessed the assault.

In an interview with MSNBC, Trump said the chaos tonight in Chicago “increases the vote for Trump.”

On CNN, Trump said that he didn’t regret saying he wanted to punch protesters in the face, see them carried out on a stretcher.

You can watch the scene in Chicago live here:

This is a breaking news post and will be updated.