Donald Trump’s Wisconsin Charm Offensive Didn’t Go So Well

CREDIT: AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Neck-and-neck in the polls with Ted Cruz eight days before Republicans vote in the April 5 Wisconsin presidential primary, front-runner Donald Trump decided to go through the gauntlet of the Badger State’s Trump-unfriendly conservative talk radio shows on Monday in hopes of winning some new supporters.

Trump’s first interview of the day with influential radio host Charlie Sykes didn’t go so well, with Sykes at one point scolding him for sounding more like a “12-year-old bully on the playground” than a candidate for president. The second, with Jerry Bader, also resulted in Trump finding himself in the unusual spot of playing defense, particularly with regard to his allegations that Cruz stole delegates from him in Louisiana and was involved in the creation of an attack ad featuring a nude photo of his wife Melania.

The third and final interview, with Vicki McKenna, was also combative. When Trump again alleged that Cruz was involved in the decision to use the naked photo of Melania, McKenna rebutted, “That wasn’t Ted Cruz… It was actually [the Make America Awesome super PAC] and it was immediately denounced by Ted Cruz’s campaign.”

To that, Trump — who has a long history of making crass comments about women — replied, “Are you so naive? You are really naive.” A short time later he hung up.

“It’s hard not to like him,” McKenna sarcastically concluded afterward. “He’s got a certain, sort of, friendly sound in his voice.”

Listen below. Trump joins McKenna at the 2:20 mark: