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The Final Countdown

The Final Countdown

With 6 Weeks To Go, Obamacare Enrollment On Track

The latest enrollment numbers released today provide fresh evidence that Obamacare is working. Another 1.1 MILLION Americans selected private insurance plans through the state and federal marketplaces during the month of January alone, bringing the total number enrolled in private plans from October 1 through February 1 to 3.3 MILLION.

“With two months left to go, Obamacare enrollment is on track to hand the White House a significant win over the law’s critics,” wrote National Journal.

Inside the numbers the news was even more good news. Up from 24 percent in December, 27 percent of those enrolled last month are in the key 18-34 age group that tend be healthier and who are needed to balance out older, sicker individuals. And the number of young people enrolled grew by 65 percent, which is higher than the 55 percent increase among all other age groups combined. Major youth enrollment activities, including this Saturday’s National Youth Enrollment Day, got going after these latest figures were tabulated, so the numbers should continue to improve. The current youth enrollment numbers are almost exactly in line with the successful implementation of Massachusetts’ law and appear to already be high enough to avoid significant premium increases as a result of an unbalanced risk pool.

In addition to those selecting private plans, another 3.2 MILLION Americans were determined to be eligible for Medicaid or CHIP between October 1 and February 1. And an additional 3 MILLION or so young people are covered thanks to the law’s provision allowing them to stay on their parents’ insurance until they are 26.

Fresh data released by Gallup today also shows that the Affordable Care Act is working. The percentage of Americans without insurance continued to drop and actually reached a five-year low.

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BOTTOM LINE: With 6 weeks remaining before the end of the open enrollment period, the Affordable Care Act is on track, millions have received coverage as a result, and millions more will select coverage in the weeks ahead.