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Getting Covered!

Getting Covered!

The Affordable Care Act’s Dramatic Impact On The Uninsured, In One Chart

Yesterday we wrote about some of the GOP health care myths that have been busted with the latest good news from research on how the Affordable Care Act is working. Well, right after that, another great piece of new evidence showed up. This time (with consideration for your Friday afternoon), we can summarize it in a single chart:


As the chart above reveals, according to the latest polling by Gallup, the rate of Americans without insurance dropped by 3.7 points between the fourth quarter of 2013 and the second quarter of 2014, from 17.1 percent to 13.4 percent. That is a dramatic decline that directly coincides with the open enrollment period for new plans under the ACA.

How’s that for some good news?

BOTTOM LINE: The evidence continues to roll in. Millions of Americans are getting covered thanks to the Affordable Care Act — including huge numbers of individuals who were previously uninsured.

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