The Old Adventures Of New Christine

The Old Adventures Of New Christine


ThinkProgress has put together a document compiling what we know about Delaware GOP Senate nominee Christine O’Donnell in her own words. Here are the issues:



O’Donnell led a campaign against masturbation, claiming it is a form of adultery. In a 90s era discussion on MTV, O’Donnell said, “The Bible says that lust in your heart is committing adultery. So you can’t masturbate without lust.” [Huffington Post, 9/2/10]

O’Donnell warned coed dorm rooms will lead to ‘orgy rooms.’ Quoted in a Washington Times article which noted, “Dorm life has evolved into a blending of the sexes, from coed buildings to coed floors, coed bathrooms and now even coed rooms,” O’Donnell commented, “What’s next? Orgy rooms? Menage a trois rooms?” [Washington Times, 9/18/03]

O’Donnell wants to stop the ‘whole country from having sex.’ Asked by MSNBC host Joe Scarborough, “You’re going to stop the whole country from having sex?” O’Donnell replied, “Yes.” [Scarborough Country, 11/13/03]

O’Donnell warned there’s ‘a connection’ between ‘freak dancing’ and ‘date rape.’ “What freak dancing is isn’t just like the safety of mosh pitting. This is sexually explicit activity for minors. We do limit the expression of minors. There are drinking laws. There are — you have to be 18 to smoke. You can’t go to school in a bikini. On one hand you have people saying this is squelching their freedom. And then you scratch your head and say, ‘Look over here. Date rape is such an epidemic.’ There’s a connection. And if people realize there’s a connection, then they’ll realize that these limitations and restrictions exist for a very valid reason.” [O’Reilly Factor, 9/22/06]

O’Donnell believes that spouses who have been cheated on possess compromised ‘purity.’ O’Donnell wrote in an article published in Cultural Dissident, “When a married person uses pornography, or is unfaithful, it compromises not just his (or her) purity, but also compromises the spouse’s purity.” [TPM, 9/7/10]

O’Donnell believes that handing out condoms at schools is like legalizing drunk driving. Arguing that abstinence is the only acceptable option, O’Donnell if said of condoms at school, “go ahead and have a condom. That’s like saying, don’t drive drunk but if you do, make sure you wear your seat belt. It’s going to kill.” [Hannity & Colmes, 6/6/00]

O’Donnell believes distributing condoms to teenagers ‘reduc[es]them to the level of a dog.’ “We’re doing a great disservice to our young people because the only protection is abstinence, as condoms have been proven fallible. … The federal government should not be telling young people to use condoms. … It’s also an insult to teenagers, reducing them to the level of a dog that can’t control its hormones.” [Washington Times, 12/1/95]

O’Donnell argued that distributing condoms is ‘just going to further the spread of AIDS.’ “About President Bush’s stand against condoms, condoms will not protect you from AIDS. So to just throw a bunch of condoms over to Africa and say, here, we’re helping you with AIDS, is just going to further the spread of AIDS over there.” [Donahue, 8/27/02]

O’Donnell believes contraception is ‘anti-human.’ “And to me, it’s a very anti-human way to go about this. And what I mean about anti-human is even if the population is increasing, so what? So what? People aren’t bad. When did humans become a bad thing? Why is it that we have to, you know, stop people from getting pregnant?” [The O’Reilly Factor, 1/6/06]

O’Donnell thinks condoms ‘will not protect you from sexually transmitted diseases.’ “Even not from a moral perspective, if you take it just purely from a health perspective, condoms will not protect you from sexually transmitted diseases. There’s a 20 percent failure rate that it will protect from pregnancy.” [Hannity & Colmes, 12/17/99]
O’Donnell’s explanation of the need for chastity until marriage: ‘we’re not a slave to our sexuality.’  “We’re not a slave to our sexuality. Our sexuality is a gift for us to be used in the context of marriage, and we need to support young people in that, and teach them the facts that 12,000 teenagers a day contract sexually transmitted diseases. And the only way to protect yourself from this is to save sex for marriage, and then to remain in a monogamous, committed marriage.” [CNN, 7/10/97]

O’Donnell claimed abstinence-only education has been an ‘incredible success.’ “Overwhelmingly, programs that teach abstinence only have an incredible success rate because you’re not giving them a confused message.” [Hannity & Colmes, 6/6/00]

O’Donnell wants her children to ‘see Christ’ in her future husband. Explaining what she is looking for an ideal husband, O’Donnell said, “I want my children to see Christ in him.” [Wilmington News-Journal, 11/12/06]


O’Donnell believes the proper role of a woman is to ‘submit’ to her husband. “This is not about merely a Baptist doctrine. This is a biblical doctrine. And the passage from the Bible the Baptist article is taken from talks about a submissive family. And yet, what the media seems to be reacting to is the word “submit” in the wives. But yet, even in, Mary, your introduction, you ignored or you left out where it says they graciously submit to a servant leader. And that is God’s design for the family. It is not about dominating and it is not about being a slave to your husband.” [CNN, 6/11/98]

O’Donnell believes women do not enjoy sex, using it only as a means to love. “Women play sex to get love. Men play love to get sex.” [Fox News, 8/2/03]

O’Donnell warned that allowing women to attend military academies ‘cripples the readiness of our defense.’ “By integrating women into particularly military institutes, it cripples the readiness of our defense,” O’Donnell has said. She also argued that West Point “has had to lower their standards … in order for men and women to compete” [Politico, 9/16/10]

O’Donnell believes Sarah Palin is the ‘epitome of a modern woman.’ “She is the epitome of a modern woman. She’s strong, independent and utterly feminine. She makes me so proud to be an American female candidate.” [Gannett News Service, 9/5/08]

O’Donnell believes Roe v. Wade needs to be overturned. “We need to turn the power back to the state. And Roe v. Wade, if it’s overturned, will not make abortion illegal. It will simply return the power back to the state.” [Donahue, 8/27/02]


Apparently trying to tack to the center, O’Donnell won’t give her opinion on Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Asked for her opinion on the policy at a public event in Delaware, O’Donnell dodged. She said, “some of her campaign workers are gay, and went on to say she was focusing on the nation’s most important issues because ‘whether you’re from the far left or the far right, we have to get our country back.’” [Wilmington News Journal, 10/8/10]

O’Donnell believes gays suffer from an ‘identity disorder.’ In a 2006 profiled of O’Donnell in the Wilmington News Journal, she explained, “People are created in God’s image. Homosexuality is an identity adopted through societal factors. It’s an identity disorder.” [Washington Post, 9/20/10]

O’Donnell doesn’t understand why gays get ‘upset’ when called ‘deviant.’ Asked if she could “understand why gays might be upset?” by someone calling homosexuality a “deviant sexual orientation,” O’Donnell replied, “Absolutely not. I cannot understand.” [Hannity & Colmes, 6/26/00]

O’Donnell believes gays are ‘attacking the very center of what is America.’ “This same group that is — is fighting against Paramount are the ones who claim to be devoted guardians of the First Amendment. Yet they are fighting for government-sponsored censorship of anybody who disagrees with them. They’re — they’re attacking the very center of what is America, freedom to have different views.” [Hannity & Colmes, 6/26/00]

O’Donnell believes gays ‘can get away with so much more,’ such as ‘nudity.’ “But let me tell you something! They — homosexuals’ special rights groups can get away with so much more than nobody else can!” she said. Asked for examples, she replied, “They’re getting away with nudity! They’re getting away with lasciviousness! They’re getting away with perversion! They’re getting away with blasphemy!” [Hannity & Colmes, 6/26/00]

O’Donnell excused gay bashing as ‘kids being kids.’ Asked about disparaging comments children had made about a gay peer, O’Donnell dismissed it, saying, “It’s kids being kids, that’s it.” [Hannity & Colmes, 7/19/00]

O’Donnell believes AIDS victims should not be called ‘victims,’ and that too much money goes to fighting the disease. Appearing on C-SPAN in 1997, O’Donnell said calling them “AIDS victims” is “the kind of spinning with words and manipulating words that empowers the bias when it comes to AIDS.” O’Donnell also complained that “there is a gross disproportionate allocation of funds” going to AIDS treatment and prevention in comparison to resources designated to combat heart disease. O’Donnell suggested people change the “lifestyle” (i.e. homosexuality) that she said leads to AIDS.” [TPM, 9/15/10]


O’Donnell is a climate change denier. Asked by CNN if she thinks global warming is manmade, she replied, “I don’t have an opinion on that. I would have to look at a specific piece of legislation. When it comes to cap and trade, the bill that has supposedly out there to combat climate change, I’m absolutely opposed to cap and trade because of its economic consequences.” [CNN, 10/8/10]

O’Donnell warned about mice with ‘fully functioning human brains.’ “Now we’re using this to start cloning humans. … They are — they are doing that here in the United States. American scientific companies are cross-breeding humans and animals and coming up with mice with fully functioning human brains.’ [O’Reilly Factor, 10/16/07]

O’Donnell believes there is ‘just as much, if not more, evidence’ supporting creationism than evolution. “Now too many people are blindly accepting evolution as fact. But when you get down to the hard evidence, it’s merely a theory. … Well, creationism, in essence, is believing that the world began as the Bible in Genesis says, that God created the Earth in six days, six 24-hour periods. And there is just as much, if not more, evidence supporting that.” [New York Magazine, 9/15/10]

O’Donnell wonders why monkey aren’t ‘still evolving into humans.’ On an Oct. 15, 1998 episode of Politically Incorrect, O’Donnell said, “You know what, evolution is a myth.” Host Bill Maher responded, “Evolution is a myth?!? Have you ever looked at a monkey!” To which, O’Donnell said, “Well then, why aren’t monkeys still evolving into humans?” [Politically Incorrect, 10/15/98]


O’Donnell is so fervently pro-truth that she wouldn’t lie to Nazis looking for Jews in her home. Appearing on Political Incorrect with Bill Maher, O’Donnell explained the
importance of truth-telling, refusing to even entertain the notion of lying when a gust asked if she would tell the truth Nazis looking for Jews hiding in her home. “I believe if I were in that situation, God would provide a way to do the right thing righteously. I believe that! … You never have to practice deception” [ThinkProgress, 9/15/10]

O’Donnell doesn’t believe in shades of gray. “There’s only truth and not truth. You’re either very good or evil. I went back to my dorm and asked myself what I was. If your principles aren’t grounded in absolute truth, you don’t know what to think.” [Wilmington News-Journal, 11/12/06]

In a lawsuit, O’Donnell falsely implied she was getting a masters at Princeton. In her suit, O’Donnell had considered not taking a job because “she had applied for admission to a Masters Degree program at Princeton University, to start in the fall of 2003, and was concerned that the ISI position would not fit with her plans.” However, as the Weekly Standard reported, “in fact, O’Donnell had not yet received her bachelor’s degree at that time and had not been accepted to a master’s program at Princeton.” [Weekly Standard, 9/12/10]

After denying it, O’Donnell admitted that she had mortgage problems in 2008. Wilmington News-Journal reported, “When asked previously, O’Donnell had denied there were any problems with her mortgage, said she was unaware of the suit by the holder and told supporters she sold the home to get out of debt and run against then Sen. Joe Biden. O’Donnell told Hannity that she did in fact fall behind on her mortgage payments. She said it was because she had taken on a pro bono clinet as part of her freelance public relations work. [Wilmington News-Journal, 9/22/10]


O’Donell is unsure whether the separation of church and state is protected by the Constitution. During a debate, O’Donnell expressed doubt that the Constitution calls for a separation of church and state, prompting Democratic opponent Chris Coons mentioned to recite the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.” O’Donnell responded, “That’s in the First Amendment…?” Later, when when asked for her views on the 14th, 16th, and 17th Amendments, she asked the questioner to define the 14th and 16th amendments, explaining, “I’m sorry, I didn’t bring my Constitution with me.” [CBS News, 10/19/10]

O’Donnell suggests that God wants her to be elected so that she can join a GOP filibuster. In an interview with the conservative Christian Broadcasting Network, O’Donnell said she “knew” that God didn’t want her, “and now, with such an important lame duck session, you realize why we were to endure that stuff” — “so that we can continue the filibuster.” [CBN, 10/1/10]

O’Donnell used to ‘dabble[ ] into witchcraft.’ On Politically Incorrect in 1999, O’Donnell said, “I dabbled into witchcraft — I never joined a coven. … I hung around people who were doing these things. I’m not making this stuff up. One of my first dates with a witch was on a satanic altar, and I didn’t know it.” [Politically Incorrect, 10/29/99]

Asked to explain her witchcraft comment, O’Donnell downplayed its significance. “There’s been no witchcraft since. … How many of you didn’t hang out with questionable folks in high school?” [ThinkProgress, 9/19/10]

O’Donnell seemed to confuse Satanism with rock and roll culture. In a 1997 op-ed in the Washington Post about proselytizing at a rock concert, O’Donnell wrote, “Walking through the crowd I also noticed more pentagrams than crosses around the teenage necks. ‘Satanism is the religion of the ’90s,’ I was told. ‘It means I worship nature,’ responded one girl when I asked her what the pentagram meant to her.” [Washington Post, 9/16/95]

O’donnell compared psychics to a ‘pimp.’ “Psychics exploit the human beings natural desire that longs for something higher,” O’Donnell told Bill Maher’s in October 2001. “The same way a pimp exploits the natural desire to be with the opposite sex…psychics put people in spiritual harm, the same way pimps put people in physical harm. [YouTube, 10/14/07]

O’Donnell believes God speaks to her personally and guided her campaign. “During the primary, I heard the audible voice of God. He said, ‘Credibility.’ It wasn’t a thought in my head. I thought it meant I was going to win. But after the primary, I got credibility.” [Wilmington News-Journal, 11/12/06]

O’Donnell blamed school shootings on the lack of prayer in schools. “We took the bible and prayer out of public schools, and now we’re having weekly shootings practically.” [New Statesman, 9/15/10]


O’Donnell believes that Obama’s liberalism makes him ‘anti-American.’ Asked about the Democratic field during the 2008 presidential campaign, O’Donnell said of Obama, “He’s soooo liberal. He’s anti-American. He’s beating the ‘change’ drum. But let’s look at the change. He did not vote for English as the official language. What does that say?” [Fox News, 1/7/08]

O’Donnell warned that the ACLU is trying to ‘institute a communist country.’ “In the guise of so-called freedom of separation of church and state, they’re trying to institute a communist country and that sounds radical but that’s the truth. I mean why aren’t they trying to take out, you know, thou shall not kill? That’s a religious concept. That’s a commandment. Why are they not taking that our of our legal system.” [Savage Nation, 5/24/03]

O’Donnell believes House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is a false Christian. “Nancy Pelosi has — can benefit from making Christians look bad because she touts her Christianity when it’s politically expedient for her, yet, she doesn’t follow any of the Christian moral principles.” [O’Reilly Factor, 1/25/07]

O’Donnell warned that former President Clinton hosting a TV show would be a ‘threat to our national security.’ Responding to a rumor that Clinton might host a daytime TV talk show, O’Donnell said it would be “so undignified” but “also a threat to our national security” because the network could reveal “classified information” to which he had access. So do you really think the networks are going to sacrifice ratings for the sake of not revealing information that he has?” [Huffington Post,


O’Donnell has sworn off national media interviews for the remainder of her 2010 campaign. “I’m not going to do any more national media,” she told Sean Hannity. “It’s off the table because that’s not going to help me get votes.” [Hannity, 9/21/10]

O’Donnell regretted mentioning her history with witchcraft on Bill Maher’s show. “[W]ho didn’t do some questionable things in high school and who doesn’t regret the ’80s to some extent? I certainly do. And I most certainly regret bringing it up to Bill Maher. [Hannity, 9/21/10]

O’Donnell compared herself to Ronald Reagan. Responding to critics who think O’Donnell is unelectable, she noted, “They also said that Ronald Reagan wasn’t electable.” [Good Morning America, 9/15/10]

O’Donnell feared her political opponents are ‘following’ her and ‘hiding in the bushes.’ “They’re following me. … They knock on the door at all hours of the night. They’re hiding in the bushes when I’m at candidate forums. In 2008 they broke into my home. They vandalized my home. They wrote nasty notes on my front door, on my front porch. They jeopardized my safety. They did the same thing to our campaign office. They broke into our campaign office. They vandalized our campaign office. They stole files. … I would be a fool to be pressured into disclosing where I live.” [Weekly Standard, 9/2/10]


O’Donnell warned then Sen. Joe Biden had pushed a U.N. ‘global tax.’ “[Biden]’s refusing to allow the people of Delaware to hold him accountable for things such as the global tax that he pushed through the Senate Foreign Relations Committee without a public hearing, something as serious as the United Nations taxing America’s GNP should certainly have a public hearing.” [Larry King Live, 8/27/08]
O’Donnell wanted to investigate President Clinton for murder. The
1996 suicide of Deputy White House Counsel Vince Foster promoted right-wing conspiracy theories that Clinton was somehow culpable. O’Donnell bought the theories, saying on C-SPAN, “we’re not giving the case of Vincent Foster a fair trial — when there is a lot more empirical evidence that Clinton is involved in wrongdoing.” [TPM, 9/16/10]

O’Donnell believes in death panels. Speaking at the Values Voters Summit in September 2010, O’Donnell warned that “unelected panels of bureaucrats [will] decide who gets what life-saving medical care and who is just too old or it’s too expensive to be worth saving.” [CSPAN, 9/17/10]

O’Donnell called the Supreme Court a ‘constitutional monarchy.’ “It’s kind of like we have the nine people sitting there in Washington who have a constitutional monarchy and that is an abuse of the system but that’s the way that they push their agenda. And, if you’ll also notice, with all of these cases it’s a few people, a few people who oppose the masses.” [Savage Nation, 5/24/03]


O’Donnell believes Bush did a great job saving the economy after 9/11. “Look at what Bush has done. The economy took an incredible hit after September 11. That was a huge shock to the economy. And we’ve recovered a lot quicker than we thought, thanks to Bush and his economic policy.” [Donahue, 11/22/02]


O’Donnell found the Middle East’s censorship ‘refreshing.’ “I’ll tell you, I just came back from the Middle East, and it was refreshing. With all that is going on, it was refreshing not to be constantly bombarded with smut all the time.” [MSNBC, 3/23/04]

O’Donnell believes Britney Spears is ‘dangerous.’ “Not only is she [Britney Spears] sending a dangerous message about sexuality to girls, but I think she’s setting the feminist movement back a bit, too, because she’s saying that sexuality is the core of our identity.” [Fox News, 11/15/03]

O’Donnell believes ‘Sex and the city’ is ‘very dangerous.’ “I think that this show is very dangerous, especially to the women’s movement. It’s no wonder people call it ‘Sluts in the City’ because it teaches young women to be whores, basically, to be used by men, to bed hop. And it ignores the fact that you know when you are treating sex like this that there’s shame, there’s loneliness that follows. And I think that the characters on this show are very revealing in that they long for a true relationship. They long for something meaningful in their lives.” [CNN, 6/1/01]

‘Sex and the City’ ‘angers’ O’Donnell because it’s ‘offensive’ to women and is ‘pornography.’ “As a young woman, seeing these women behave like that and acting like that’s normal or that’s even fashionable angers me. These shows are really soft core pornography. … It’s offensive to anyone who really understands what it’s like to be a woman.” [MSNBC’s Hardball, 6/20/03]

O’Donnell insists the TV show ‘Friends’ is doing a ‘disservice to society.’ “It makes the treadmill go faster, but it is doing a disservice to society at large. It makes casual sex look fun. It makes the consequences of casual sex look glamorous. And they’re ignoring sexually transmitted diseases. They’re ignoring the broken hearts from pregnancy” [O’Reilly Factor, 5/10/02]

O’Donnell thinks ‘The Sopranos’ are a model family. “The thing that attracts people to “The Sopranos” is the family element. It shows that America still has a longing for that traditional upbringing.” [Hardball, 6/20/03]

O’Donnell feared that bloggers are ‘dangerous.’ “What makes bloggers good makes them dangerous. They don’t have to answer to anybody. They can give a local story attention, but they also can publish rumors with no accountability.” [Wilmington News-Journal, 1/7/07]
O’Donnell fretted that Generation X revived ‘Satanism.’ “Satanism has re-emerged among Generation X with an arrogance that mocks its members as it blatantly destroys them.” [Washington Post, 6/15/97]


O’Donnell warned China was plotting to take over the U.S., claiming she had access to classified information. In a primary debate during her failed 2006 Senate bid, O’donnell warned China had a “carefully thought out and strategic plan to take over America.” “We have to look at our history and realize that if they pretend to be our friend it’s because they’ve got something up their sleeve,” she said, basing the claim on “classified information that I am privy to.” [AP, 10/4/10]

O’Donnell advocated military action against Iran. The AP reported, “Ms. O’Donnell was the only candidate, however, to assert that the U.S. should consider military action against Iran. ‘You can’t negotiate with the devil,’ said. [AP, 9/6/06]

O’Donnell explained why there were never WMD found in Iraq by comparing the war to raiding a ‘crack house.’ “One of the biggest lies that’s going on is that we had no reason to go in. … If we were going to invade a crack house, and we said, ‘We’re going to invade this crack house. We’re going to raid this crack house.’ For six months, we gave them warning. And then you walk in and you go, ‘Hey, there’s no crack. There’s only these little pipes. Now, there’s no crack with the little pipes, so we can’t assume that these pipes are used for crack.'” [Hardball, 6/20/03]