Rep. Dana Rohrbacher (R-CA) On Fox News, 7/4/06

DAVID ASMAN: Dana Rohrabacher, what do you think about it?

REP. DANA ROHRABACHER (R), CALIFORNIA: Well, the first thing that we need to think about it is, should we have a missile defense system? And we should remember that, over the years, those of us who have been advocating it — it started with Ronald Reagan, of course — have been called every name in the book by the backbiters and — and naysayers.

And now we’re faced with a situation where some lunatic in North Korea may well be developing a rocket that could hit the United States with a nuclear missile now — or nuclear-armed missile. So, isn’t it good to be prepared? Aren’t we happy that Ronald Reagan didn’t give in and that we are now in the process of deploying a system that could protect us against this?

ASMAN: Well, if — if — perhaps a bit late, that’s what some people are complaining, that we didn’t give it the — all the attention that we should have.


ROHRABACHER: We’re lucky to — I’m telling you, we’re lucky to have any of it at all.


ASMAN: Excuse me, Congressman, I just have to let you know that there is now a report coming off the wire — this is breaking information — that Japan’s Defense Ministry says North Korea has now fired a second missile as well. We don’t know whether that missile has fallen into the sea yet. That’s what happened to the first missile.

Again, it’s believed that these are not — or at least the first one was not an intercontinental ballistic missile, the one that — that concerns us most.

Now, Congressman Filner, what happens if they do acquire this intercontinental missile and are able to operate it, to such an extent it could hit somewhere in the U.S.? Are we capable of dealing with that threat?

REP. BOB FILNER (D), CALIFORNIA: Well, this is obviously not good news for the United States, either North Korea or news coming out of Iran that they’re developing their nuclear weapons.

And I got to tell you, it — these are — these are two areas we have to devote our full attention to. And we’re bogged down in this other thing in Iraq. These guys have been emboldened because of our — of our adventure in Iraq.

ASMAN: Now, wait a minute.


ASMAN: You are saying that the reason we have problems with North Korea is because of what’s happening in Iraq?

FILNER: I think it shows that we cannot respond in the way that we have to, to either Iraq or Iran — to either North Korea or Iran.

ROHRABACHER: Oh, it’s the same old Democrat nay-saying, the same old Democrat nay-saying.


FILNER: Let me finish.


ROHRABACHER: You were against — you were against the missile defense system to begin with.


ASMAN: Go ahead, Congressman Filner.

FILNER: Well, and it has not been proven to work.

Look, these are two countries that we have to devote our full attention to. We got to be talking to them. We should be engaged in discussions with them. We should be engaged in — in — in — in country- to-country talks. And we are not doing it, because we have this adventure here in Iraq. This is — this is bad news. And it shows the bankruptcy of…

ROHRABACHER: Oh, we can’t talk to them because we’re in Iraq? Come on.

FILNER: It shows the bankruptcy of the — of the — of the administration’s policy at the given time.

ASMAN: Congressman Rohrabacher?

ROHRABACHER: Bob — Bob represents — you know, Filner represents what the Democratic Party is all about.

You talk to dictators? No. This lunatic dictator in Korea or the lunatic dictator in Iran understand one thing. They understand strength and leverage. The — the Democrats opposed our system.


FILNER: And we don’t have that now, Dana.


FILNER: We don’t have any strength.

ROHRABACHER: You know what? We wouldn’t even have any missile defense system at all if it was for the Democrats.


FILNER: And we don’t have one now, Dana.

ROHRABACHER: And now we’re trying to stand up against radical Islam in Iraq.

FILNER: We — we have — we don’t have one that works.

ASMAN: Hey, guys we can’t talk at the same time.