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YouTube, Sinclair prove Anthony Watts knows as much about copyright laws as about climate science

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"YouTube, Sinclair prove Anthony Watts knows as much about copyright laws as about climate science"


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When we last left our favorite former TV weatherman, he was offering the ‘inanity defense’ for his effort to censor Peter Sinclair’s Climate Denial “Crock of the Week” video.

The man behind the top anti-scientific website WattsUpWithThat regularly defames top climate scientists and pushes the most seemingly detailed but ultimately nonsensical analyses (see here) — yet he could not even be bothered to spend one minute googling “copyright laws” or “fair use.”  The result:   Not only did he publish the most embarrassing, torturous and self-revealing  defense of censorship ever seen on the blogosphere but, YouTube has now (inevitably) sided with Sinclair and reposted the original video:

Sinclair explained to me the process for reinstatement on YouTube — and thanked Watts for the publicity boom — in an email:

In July, as part of my “Climate Denial Crock of the Week” video series, (http://www.youtube.com/user/greenman3610) I published a piece that criticized and parodied the work of well known climate denier Anthony Watts, and his “SurfaceStations.org” project.

On July 26,  Watts made what I regard as an improper “DMCA” claim against the video, and had it removed from YouTube.

The DMCA, (Digital Millenium Copyright Act), was originally intended to  protect copyright owners from internet abuse, but has been occasionally used improperly, notoriously by authoritarian religious groups and cults, in order to restrain criticism and free speech on the internet.

After some investigation of related cases and obtaining additional opinions as to relevant copyright law, I confirmed my original belief that my videos in no way violate copyright law, especially in light of the principles of critical review, parody, and  transformational use of material.

In accordance with established YouTube guidelines, I filed a “counternotice”,  affirming that, “under penalty of perjury, that I  have a good faith belief that the material was removed or disabled as a result of a mistake or misidentification of the material to be removed  or disabled.”

As of today, I have received the following confirmation from YouTube:

“In accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, we’ve completed processing your counter-notification regarding your video:


This content has been restored and your account will not be penalized.”

I wish to extend my sincerest gratitude to YouTube, to all those who advised and supported me in this effort, and most especially, to Anthony Watts and SurfaceStations.org, for providing invaluable exposure to my video series, and greatly increasing my traffic and visibility.

WattsUpWithThat who regularly defames top
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19 Responses to YouTube, Sinclair prove Anthony Watts knows as much about copyright laws as about climate science

  1. Dano says:

    He’s hapless, really, that LowWatts guy. Let him have his amen choir and let’s move on and ignore these rump-wingers.



  2. Another Phil says:

    Dano – Amen.

  3. The most YouTube views that any other Sinclair/greenman video has is about 9,500. This video – along with the duplicate that desmog put up – now has ~ 34,000.

    And it’s a two-fer. Anyone innocent just happening into this farce also gets prima facie evidence of the loony bin that is Wazzup . Well done, Anthony… thanks for a GREAT job.

  4. Paul K says:

    I want to congratulate Mr. Sinclair, in going the distance to show Mr. Watts that he can’t control the internet. Mr. Watts routinely censors and restricts posts that refute and demolish the mis-information that he presents at WUWT. Only occasionally are his semi-religious followers force to confront the hypocrisy of his site.

    This is one of those time. Congrats Peter, and roll on Joe Romm. The current day denialist Joseph McCarthy types, like Anthony Watts, spouting nonsense from their soapbox, must eventually be outed and shown up as liars and hypocrites.

  5. Paul K says:

    Is there any way to get mainstream news coverage of this attempt at censorship? It seems to me, that at least MSNBC or better yet, the NYTimes would publish an article at this attempt to censor information debunking denier lies from the internet.

    This should be a major story, that gets through to all Americans. Our planet is threatened, and demogogues like Mr. Watts must be identified and outed, before we can really marshall support to address the problem. His gang of traitors, could do a great deal of harm, before the general population finally sees the damage they are doing.

  6. paulm says:

    Will we really be able to combat emissions…

    Climate Change department keep air-conditioning rather than open windows

    Plans to switch off the air-conditioning and instead open windows at the Department for Energy and Climate Change have been scrapped after staff complained about the noise.

  7. Eve says:

    Our planet is threatened by the likes Peter Sinclair. You make a horrid video and complain that you tube took it off the air. It should be off the air. I will make another complaint now.
    The rest of you, if you feel that your use of fossil fuels is destroying the planet please stop using them. As for A/C, no one should be using that. Do you not remember at one time we didn’t have it and nobody died.

  8. John Hollenberg says:

    Eve, did you read the article itself, or are you as uncomprehending as Anthony Watts? Complaining because you don’t like the content won’t change a thing, because the issue is Copyright and Fair Use. Both of these issues were decided in favor of Peter Sinclair.

  9. Rick Covert says:


    Is your defense of Watt’s attempt at censorhip justified because you don’t like it? If you think it is then do you subscribe to the statement that freedom of the press belongs to those who own one?

  10. counters says:

    John, I wouldn’t even bother feeding the troll. C’mon – ‘if you feel your use of fossil fuels is destroying the planet please stop using them’? That’s some mighty fine critical reasoning there.

  11. John Mashey says:

    “Eve” absolutely should make a complaint.

    As a minor point of information, a full legal name & identification is required, i.e., “Eve” won’t do.

    See Form. Note that the word “perjury” ois mentioned. Note that the EFF takes an interest in such things, and they have lawyers.

  12. Bob Wallace says:

    Eve, every year people without air conditioning die during heat waves. Usually many of them are elders.

    In 2003 around 35,000 died of heat related causes in Europe. 14,802, mostly elders, died in France alone.

    We don’t need to run our AC off fossil fuels. Solar is a great way to run AC as it rarely gets hot when the sun doesn’t shine. But as the globe warms we’re going to need our AC more and more.

  13. Mike D says:

    “As for A/C, no one should be using that. Do you not remember at one time we didn’t have it and nobody died.”

    Um actually lots of people died. That’s why A/C was invented.

  14. TomG says:

    Eve doesn’t even rate as high as a troll.
    More like the court fool.
    Of course the court fool was paid to play the idiot.
    The only people who would be more idiotic would be those who believe Eve and think the video is horrid without actually seeing it.
    Watt and his court of fools are desperate to keep people from seeing this video.
    Why else would he try to ban it?

  15. If Peter Sinclair has libeled Anthony Watts, he could be in big trouble. He could face a trial and be forced to pay restitution.

    Unless, of course, he’s telling the truth. In journalism and law, the truth is an absolute defense.

  16. Dano says:

    Richard, to the amen choir the true truth is that Sinclair is part of the great conspiracy, wanting to socialize private property and put everyone into solar-powered Medieval prisons. Addressing this cognitive deficit is extremely difficult. Hence my suggestion to ignore the 7-9% of the population with this weird cognitive affliction.



  17. Bob Wallace says:

    Let’s assume Eve is simply poorly informed and perhaps just a bit too excitable.

    So, Eve, here’s some more info…

    “Heat is a catalyst for the formation of smog, which is formed from a toxic soup of volatile organic compounds, tailpipe and smokestack exhaust, and strong sunlight. The lungs of infants, children, and the elderly are by far the most vulnerable to smog inhalation, which can lead to hospitalization and death.

    According to a study published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, a 1.8°F increase in maximum temperature corresponded to a 4.5 percent increase in respiratory hospital admissions in 12 European cities. But what does that mean for American cities?

    Climate Centrals analysis shows that Denver, in August, would go from an average of seven days a month, above 90°F and one day over 95°F, to a dramatically different climate of twenty-three days a month over 90°F, twelve days a month over 95°F, and three days a month over 100°F. This could lead to massive increases in hospitalizations and rising death rates from those with heart and lung disease, diabetes, or pneumonia.”


  18. Chris Winter says:

    If “Eve” ever comes back (she looks like a drive-by) we can ask her if she uses air conditioning — and where in the country she lives.

    Oh, and if she ever made the promised complaint.

  19. mommycalled says:

    Just based on the phrasing of Eve’s post, you’d have to wonder if it isn’t Tony posting under an alias