Join the effort to expose the pollutocrat Koch brothers climate-destroying agenda

The Kochs outspend Exxon Mobil on pro-pollution disinformation aimed at preventing action to preserving a livable climate.  Their efforts, if successful, will cause billions of people around the globe to suffer needlessly for decades, if not centuries.

This ThinkProgress cross-post offers a small way to fight back.

Over the last three years at ThinkProgress, we’ve made the Koch brothers and their far-right agenda famous. Now we’ve got their attention. A senior Koch executive recently complained to the National Review that ThinkProgress is leading an “orchestrated campaign” against Koch and vowed to fight back against us.

So, a few days ago we launched a fundraising campaign with a goal of raising $10,000 in five days. We blew through that goal in less than four hours.

In response, the Koch-funded machine lashed out at ThinkProgress, using its vast corporate and political communication networks to promote insulting, ad hominem attacks. John Hinderaker of the far-right PowerLine blog called ThinkProgress “helpless wretches,” “ignorant kids” and “driven entirely by prejudice.” His writings were then broadcast by the official Koch Industries Twitter feed.

What neither Koch nor Hinderaker reveal is that Hinderaker’s law firm, Faegre & Benson, represents Koch Industries.

We aren’t backing down in this fight. We are upping the ante. We are going to expand our effort to reveal the truth about the Koch brothers and have set a new goal: $50,000 in five days.

Please click here and chip in $5 right now

As more and more of you join us, we can strengthen and expand our three-year long effort to reveal the Kochs. Our strategy includes:

– Detailing the far-right policies that the Kochs are quietly trying to push through Congress and in state capitols across the country

– Putting the heat on politicians who want to place the Koch agenda above the public interest

– Exposing corporate malfeasance throughout the Koch empire and promoting awareness of Koch-controlled consumer brands

We won’t be intimidated. And with your help, we’ll continue to give the Koch brothers what they can’t handle: the truth.

— A ThinkProgress cross-post.

17 Responses to Join the effort to expose the pollutocrat Koch brothers climate-destroying agenda

  1. David Smith says:

    As a simple helpless wretch, I made a contribution. I hope half of the RSS readers show theit metal by doing the same in the next 24 hours (ie. put their money where there mouth is).

    Lord Hinderaker’s choice of words is telling. “Wretch” is a word right out of Dickens. The noble one speaks of the dirty, pennyless, sub-human street children. I’m extending the offered metaphor.

  2. Sou says:

    Done. Thanks for the good work.

  3. Will Koroluk says:

    Done. By a simple Canadian wretch. There are many people up here who understand that it’s our fight, too.

  4. thayer says:

    Check in mail ….

  5. JK says:

    ThinkProgress gets my support . . .

  6. Zetetic says:


  7. Sumner says:


  8. Peter Bellin says:

    I am proud to contribute.

  9. Gasman says:

    Is there a website that lists the industries they own? Time for a wretched boycott!

  10. PeterW says:

    Done, anything to make those bastards squirm.

  11. Anonymous says:

    There are few better ways to use my money. Thanks CP for the heads up.

  12. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    In a way this is a good development. The pathocratic rulers prefer to ignore the opposition, deprive it of the ‘oxygen of publicity’ and expect it to wither, as so many other movements have done. But now, by saying that they are going to fight back, they acknowledge the opposition’s force. The answer must be to up the tempo, because time is short. I’d say that considering that Rightist bullies absolutely despise those who do not acquiesce to their depredations, that this will get very nasty, very quickly. Expect the Kochtopus to mobilise its political stooges, and expect exemplary persecution and punishment on trumped-up charges. If you can get 25 years for torching a few SUVs, the sky is really the limit. Of course they will turn to intimidation and violence, or the threats of it, using some hired intermediaries so that ‘plausible deniability’ can be maintained, although the word ‘plausible’ has lost all meaning in recent years, so more or less naked displays of power can be expected.

  13. adelady says:

    From the other side of the Pacific, my few dollars.

    I know I’m not American, but the power and influence of these awful people reaches far beyond any borders.

  14. Claire says:


  15. Wit's End says:

    Done…things DON’T go better with Koch.

  16. Scrooge says:

    Thanks for accepting my measly contribution. I will get it back by not super sizing my next trip to the fast food joint.
    These are minor contributions, but what makes them huge is that they let everyone be a part of America and the world becoming a better place.

  17. Raleigh Latham says:

    Just donated $100, We should all do what we can to make sure these old men are not allowed to kill the planet their grandchildren live on.