Top 50 Twitter Climate Accounts to Follow

The UK Guardian explains how you can, “Discover the key people and organisations you should be following on Twitter if you’re interested in climate change and the environment.”

They have broken down what they call the top 50 twitter climate accounts by category.  Blogging is inherently solipsistic, so we start with their recommendations for “Bloggers” to follow:

1. Climate Progress

Thoughts and re-tweets on climate science and politics.

2. Grist

News and retweets by this US-centric green news and comment blog.

3. TreeHugger

Chat and thoughtful tweets from the grandaddy of the green blogosphere.

4. Julian L. Wong

Useful links for anyone interested in China and climate change.

5. Kate Sheppard

A prolific US blogger at Mother Jones who re-tweets interesting content on energy and climate change.

Here are some more of their  recommendations:


1. Ed Miliband

Climate and energy secretary of the former Labour government used Twitter to broadcast from inside Copenhagen climate talks (his Lib Dem and Tory counterparts are not on Twitter).

2. Al Gore

Climate-centric tweets from the most-followed climate activist on Twitter.

3. Caroline Lucas

Not content with being the first green MP in England, Lucas also tweets her movements and chats frequently on her Twitter account.

4. United States Environmental Protection Agency

Links and news from the main Twitter account of the US government department responsible for the environment.

5. Department of Energy and Climate Change

News and a commendably high level of interaction from the UK government department responsible for climate change policy.


1. Eric Pooley

Author of The Climate War – tweets regularly about the fight in the US to keep climate change on the political agenda.

2. Bill McKibben

Commentary and an insight into the life of author and the founder of climate campaign.

3. Polly Higgins

Regular tweets from a campaigner and lawyer pushing for a new “ecocide” law that would declare the mass destruction of ecosystems a crime on a par with genocide.

4. Franny Armstrong

Newsy tweets and links from the founder of the 10:10 climate campaign and the director of The Age of Stupid climate documentary.

5. Kevin Grandia

Campaigner and blogger who puts climate change lobbying under the microscope.

Climate scientists

1. Earth Institute

Climate debate and news from Columbia University’s climate science department.

2. Katherine Hayhoe

Comment and interesting links from an atmospheric science professor at Texas Tech and author of A Climate for Change.

3. Tyndall Centre for Climate Research

Useful links from one of the world’s leading climate research centres

Norwich-based group of climate scientists.

4. Met Office

News on climate change and weather from the UK Met Office.

5. Climate Central

Newsy aggregation of anything climate-related by a non-profit group of climate scientists.

And there are 30 others.   For some reason the Guardian feels obliged to recommend “four voices from the other side of the climate debate,”  including the twitter feed of Sen. Inhofe, arguably the most destructive smearer of climate scientists on the planet, and another one from a “blog that believes solar variation is the reason the climate is changing.”   Why not the twitter feed of the Flat Earth society?

Seriously, if they listed the top twitter feeds of groups that help you and your addiction to tobacco and cocaine, would they also throw in the twitter feed of  people who don’t think smoking is bad for your health and the twitter feed of, say, the Colombian drug cartel?


Below are the earlier comments from the Facebook commenting system:

Dan Miller

My feed is​er999. 90% climate and 10% pinball.

June 26 at 11:23pm

Mari McKay


June 28 at 5:44am

Alexander Zwissler

I actually think the idea of keeping an eye on a denier or two is not bad…keeps us sharp and aware of news tactics as they emerge…not saying deniers should be given any credence, but only violently agreeing with ourselves all the time can be limiting.

June 26 at 12:27pm


Follow me​sclimate

June 26 at 10:27pm

Peter S. Mizla

Some good site to visit. I am primitive – no twitter- I visit Treehugger on line.

and Bill McKibben at 350– and ClimateActionCenter http://www.climateactionce​

many more

The Daily Climate among many others.

June 26 at 11:33am

Will Greene

Peter you should get on board! I appreciate your posts on here.

June 27 at 12:59am

Will Greene

Might be fun to post the twitter handles of the top climate hawk commenters here on CP. Would want to restrict to those who almost primarily tweet about climate. Mine is: williambgreene and I tweet about 80% climate-related opinion and RT’s.

June 26 at 8:30pm


This site washes my brain , leading me to to do so around ,,

June 27 at 1:50am

Dana Nuccitelli

Don’t forget Skeptical Science!

June 26 at 11:56pm


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