Exxon and Shell Announce Massive Profit Gains — All the More to Spend on Influence Peddling and Climate Denial

More oil-company earnings figures out today — the latest from Shell and Exxon.

Exxon reported a whopping $10.7 billion in profits, an increase of 41% from the same period last year. Overall, Exxon has earned over $20 billion in profits in just the first six months of the year. Not surprisingly, ExxonMobil is also one of the most politically engaged of the top five oil companies. A few key facts:

ExxonMobil is also well known for giving millions of dollars to climate deniers and industry front groups with the goal of creating doubt about global warming, attacking the integrity of climate science and scientists, and promoting a pro-corporate polluter agenda.

Royal Dutch Shell announced their 2011 second-quarter earnings, reporting profits of $8 billion, a 77% jump from the same period a year ago, bringing their total profits in the first six months of 2011 to $14.9 billion. Below is a quick look at Shell by the numbers:

— Noreen Nielsen


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Wannetta Robinson

Thank Bush and chenny for our GAS prices, you have ROBED the America people and still lineing your pockets that why you went to WAR in Iraq Looking at those oil wails.

July 28 at 5:00pm

Jeff Morgan

And the rich get richer…

July 28 at 11:05am

Christy Canada

Exactly! This is disgusting

July 28 at 11:09am

Doug Johnson

Good thing they get to keep it all. Thanks Bushanomics. Even put Boehner in charge to make sure they keep their entitlements.

July 28 at 5:12pm


Why do we spend so much time at the same thing – showing how big oil promotes climate disinformation, making fun of stupid conservative anti-science views, kicking away at right wing media for their propaganda.

What a waste of energy. So why do we do it? Because we all like “business as usual.” This is what we did yesterday, so we feel comfort in doing it today. The world goes on and that is comforting.

This longing for business as usual is what causes ordinary citizens to deny in their own minds that global warming will change life for all of us. We deny that change that science say will inevitably come with more carbon in the atmosphere because we long for business as usual. It is a very strong impulse. This impulse may have bestowed some evolutionary advantage, so the impulse is built into each of us.

But here at Climate Progress we should be adult enough to put aside this longing for business as usual. Why? Because it deters us from taking that necessary stop: the hard, necessary thinking and planning and leading for the new kind of earth humanity will face as surely as the sun will come up tomorrow.

We are going over that waterfall. It is time to begin building a “barrel” that will have some chance of saving the best of civilization. If there is no plan, no preparation at all, there is a good possibility that no one will survive. This is going to be a rough ride at best. Let’s start by facing the fact we are going over that fall and get busy thinking how best to endure it.

July 28 at 10:48pm

Ulla Gosebrink

What about a bit of boycott? What about putting some pressure on the government to create a functioning affordable public traffic system. They get their share of the oil money and are able to invest into alternatives.

Saturday at 5:28am


Time for the true Rockefeller’s to buckle up their affords?

Rockefeller family members press for change at Exxon.​8/05/26/business/worldbusi​ness/26iht-exxon.4.1322349​7.html

July 28 at 9:26am


300 Years of FOSSIL FUELS in 300 Seconds​ch?v=cJ-J91SwP8w.


What top’s it now, is the continued EPIC FAIL (2.0).

Fundamentally, fossil energy is destined to fail. Either adapt OR DIE!

July 28 at 9:32am

Fpt Editors

Here is how to stop them. Free Public Transit. Available now. Proven. Low-tech. Initial cost, 60 basis points of tax. Starts paying for itself immediately.

Sunday at 8:30pm

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