Politico Compares Darrell Issa to John Belushi as Upton Disses His Investigation of Obama’s Fuel Economy Deal

Last Friday, California Republican Darrell Issa called for an investigation into the negotiations between the Obama Administration and auto companies in the lead-up to an historic increase in fuel efficiency for America’s fleet of trucks and cars.

Rather than back an industry-supported agreement that would reduce consumption of oil and create American jobs, Issa used the moment to attack the Administration with a politically-motivated inquiry into the deal through the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

But Issa is not only out of step with public sentiment, he appears to be out of step with his own party.

Other Republican leaders in the House aren’t going along with this “green scare” tactic. Congressman Fred Upton, Chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee, is featured in Politico’s Morning Energy with this snarky headline:

ISSA’S BELUSHI MOMENT? Darrell Issa is launching an investigation into Obama’s CAFE deal with the auto industry, but Fred Upton says it’s time to let the deal work its way through the regulatory process, he tells POLITICO.

“We’ve not decided to take that [Issa investigation] course,” Upton said. “We’ve had some discussions with the auto companies. They believe. They signed the letters of intent. And we’ll see how it plays out.”

This latest deal will raise fuel efficiency of automobiles to 54.5 mpg by 2025, up from 27.3 mpg today. The standards could create tens of thousands of jobs due to new manufacturing activity, while also potentially saving consumers more than a trillion dollars.

“Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?”

— Stephen Lacey and Joe Romm

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