Bush Lite: Rick Perry Threatens Fed Chief, Questions Obama’s Patriotism, Calls for Deadly “Moratorium On All Regulations”

On Friday, I wrote that Perry is Obama’s dream opponent (see “Rick Perry Thinks America Desires Another Rigid, Anti-Science, Idealogue Governor From The Great State of Big Oil“).  Perry makes it easy for even a lame communications team like Obama’s to make this campaign about the past versus the future.

The only thing weaker than Obama’s brand is the GOP’s, and especially anyone with links to the Tea Party or Bush.  Why do you think Jeb Bush isn’t running??

Perry is a two-fer.  He is hard-core Tea Party — and another pro-pollution, extremist Texas governor.  Remember, even Bush shrewdly decided to disguise some of that in the 2000 “compassionate conservative” campaign, which is the only reason he eked out a loss win.

The WashPost asks “Is Rick Perry too George W. Bush-y?”  The Atlantic asks, “Is America Ready for ‘George W. Bush on Steroids?‘ ”  TP’s Faiz Shakir notes that Karl Rove just said that distancing himself from the still wildly unpopular Bush “Is Not Smart Politics Strategically Or Tactically” for Perry.  [No wonder they call Rove Bush’s brain.]

Artist Mario Piperni's rendering of Bush and Perry photos.

But how precisely do you distance yourself from Bush when you served as his lieutenant Governor?  In theory  you do it with a well-crafted communications strategy.  But it turns out so far that Perry is dreadful at messaging.  He’s an undisciplined blurter, a guy who “shoots from the lip,” somebody who  just says whatever nonsense comes into his head.  The classic example of that is Newt Gingrich.

You’d think that with Perry  building up to this announcement for months he would have had a carefully crafted message and specific talking points he would repeat again and again.  But instead, in a widely criticized move, he questioned Obama’s patriotism and specifically his “love” of this country — when Perry himself has repeatedly raised the possibility of Texas seceding!

Worse, Perry threatened violence against the mild-mannered Federal Reserve chief Ben Bernanke, “If this guy prints more money between now and the election, I dunno what y’all would do to him in Iowa but we would treat him pretty ugly down in Texas. Printing more money to play politics at this particular time in American history is almost treasonous in my opinion.” Treason is a capital crime.  Averting the economic harship of a double dip recession (caused first by Bush policies and then by Tea Party extremism) is the job of the Fed.  Tony Fratto, Bush’s former Deputy Press Secretary, tweeted that Perry’s remarks were “inappropriate and unpresidential.”

On Monday, Perry suggested a policy that would harm the health of our children and endanger hard-won victories that keep the air and water clean.  As TP Green reported, Perry called for “A Moratorium On All Regulations“:

We’re calling today on the president of the United States to put a moratorium on regulations across this country, because his regulations, his EPA regulations are killing jobs all across America.

“We’re sending out a request today asking President Obama to put a moratorium on all regulations,” Perry said on WHO radio in Iowa, recorded live by ThinkProgress.

Under such a moratorium, the Food and Drug Administration would stop approving new drugs and preventing human experimentation; the USDA would stop checking for food safety; the EPA would stop monitoring for poisons in drinking water; the Library of Congress would stop loaning materials to blind people; the NTSB would stop investigating airplane accidents; HHS would end Medicare payments; no more patents, copyrights, or trademarks would be issued; DHS would stop protecting chemical facilities from terrorist attacks; the Treasury would stop printing currency; financial sanctions on hostile nations like North Korea and Iran would end; and the Federal Reserve System would shut down.

Perry’s “moratorium on regulations” would mean a literal end to the rules of law in the United States. At least it would also mean that all of President George W. Bush’s midnight regulations favoring polluters and industry abuses would also be lifted.

The defining characteristic of Tea Party extremists like Perry is their anarchical disdain for government.  As Climate Progress has noted many times, however, failure to act on climate change ensures the biggest government possible this century.

Salon has a piece on “Rick Perry’s dangerously overheated campaign rollout.”  Unless Perry gets some message discipline to pass himself off as a more rational, temperate candidate, he may end up as parched as Texas.


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Since when is anarchism “conservative”? This guy’s ideal state is obviously Somalia.

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Mandy Henk · Top Commenter · Access Services Librarian at DePuaw University

As an actual anarchist, I appreciate your comment. Anarchism is about freeing people from oppressive control structures–including the state, but also including other power hierarchies. It has nothing to do with this crazy idea that corporations should be allowed to do what they please to people. That is the antithesis of anarchism.

Like · Reply · August 16 at 2:02pm

Bart Laws · Top Commenter · Assistant Professor at Brown University

Good luck with that. Without the power of the state, who’s gonna protect you from corporations? There seems to be a logical problem there.

4 · Like · Reply · August 16 at 2:23pm

  • taylorbarke (signed in using Yahoo)

No the question is: Who is going to protect the corporations from us?

4 · Like · Reply · August 16 at 2:37pm

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Wesley Rolley · Top Commenter · Northwestern University

This is what I get from Perry. He led the prayer for rain. It appears that God, if there is one, parried that with a big “not yet… I still have to deliver 40 days and 40 nights on the North East.”

Then again, maybe God is just upset that someone has decide to bail on thinking for themselves and testing God by asking him to bail him out. What I was always told was the God helps those who help themselves.

1 · Like · Reply · Subscribe · August 16 at 2:34pm

Peter S. Mizla · Top Commenter · Vernon, Connecticut

Give Perry & the republicans enough rope and they will hang themselves- trouble is in the process they will take allot of us with them before they are kicked out of power.

The C02 will have a bigger voice in the end then BO.

1 · Like · Reply · Subscribe · August 16 at 4:12pm

Leif Erik Knutsen · Top Commenter · Friends with Joseph Romm

“Government can easily exist without law but law cannot exist without Government.” Bertrand Russell.

Take your pick and vote.

1 · Like · Reply · Subscribe · August 16 at 1:27pm

Jeffrey Davis · Top Commenter

All regulations? What about those against murder?

1 · Like · Reply · Subscribe · August 16 at 2:07pm

Prokaryotes – · Top Commenter (signed in using Hotmail)

Rick Perry the perfect Bush impersonator.

1 · Like · Reply · Subscribe · August 16 at 3:46pm

Julia Kuglen · Top Commenter · University of Texas School of Law

Worse than Bush.

1 · Like · Reply · August 16 at 9:19pm

John Tucker · Top Commenter · Tulane University

Perry isn’t rally “anti government” and neither is most of the tea party. That type advocates a seamless, uniform religion, law enforcement, military/ corporate facilitating, invisible hand type government.

The populist tea party is more closely a populist, anti intellectual, ( ) fascist movement. I’m not deriding them, that’s by actual definitions and the way they framed themselves ( ). They don’t even bother to keep up with the most basic issues of government affecting them; at present or historically.

Also lets face it – someone with a legitimate “anarchical disdain for government,” doesn’t suggest a surveillance and police state as a solution, and also has the sense to know and worry, when it partially already exists. ( ).

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sasparillafizz (signed in using Yahoo)

Joe, he’s certainly living up to the shoot from the lip angle so far (just a couple of days in for him). Of course all this shooting from the lip comments, so far, are things most of the hard right would love – playing to the audience he’s staking out.

I hope he flames out, as I still consider him the most dangerous of the GOP candidates at this point (the one who could realistically win the primaries and have a chance of being elected, given an economy that wilts further, and who would do the most damage to the country if in office). It also appears he’s the guy with the money in the GOP race, at this point, already.

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Paul Magnus · Top Commenter

This is funny… are u a bigot?

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Paul Magnus · Top Commenter

adult warning on the rest of it though…

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catman306 (signed in using Yahoo)

Now here’s a low hanging fruit.

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minority.report56 (signed in using Yahoo)

Here are a few categories of regulations that come immediately to mind.

Nuclear Safety Regulations.
Drug Safety Regulations.
Food Safety Regulations.
…See More

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Chris Mattingly · Environmental Consultant at Environmental Resources Management

WATCH THE VIDEO. He says “…a moratorium ON regulations…” Post a correction. Propaganda has no place in liberalism.

Like · Reply · Subscribe · August 16 at 5:11pm

Chris Mattingly · Environmental Consultant at Environmental Resources Management

The article stands as legit… the “ALL” quote is from the radio piece, whereas he left out the “all” in the street interview. “…calling today…on regulations…” vs. “…sending out a request…(mumbling)…on ALL regulations…”

Thank you for clarifying…

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Bart Ginsburg · Fresno, California

Oh brother where art thou’s brain.

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