The Onion: A Karner Blue Butterfly Blogs “If I Go Extinct I Swear I Will Take As Many Humans With Me As I Can”

Our Guest Blogger today is a Karner Blue Butterfly — via America’s Finest News Service

I think people always expected that when the time came for us to go extinct, we’d go down all quietlike—that just because we’re small blue butterflies with a wingspan of an inch, we wouldn’t put up a fight. Well, I can assure you that before my kind dies out there will be a reckoning. Blood will run in the streets. Human blood.

I swear to you on all that is good and holy that before the Karner blue goes extinct, myself and the last remaining members of my species will take out as much of the human race as we possibly can. There will be mayhem….  People will suffer.

You can take that to the bank.

I know when you look at me all you see is a pretty little insect with a taste for the nectar of wild lupine plants. Sure, you can comfort yourself with that thought, but I tell you what: You put my species’s back against the wall and you are going to see another side of this butterfly. One that has a can of gasoline, a match, and is pissed off enough to light up you and everyone you know.

Here’s the thing: I’m actually fine with going extinct.

I’ve accepted death. Not only do I have nothing to lose, but I don’t give a fuck about you, me, or anyone. And I certainly don’t give a fuck about the people who are killing us off. It’s kill or be killed, and I plan on killing a bunch of humans before my time is up….

You think I’m kidding around? Keep messing with my habitat. Keep developing land and messing with my migratory patterns so that my food sources become even scarcer….

I guarantee the majority of you will die slowly and painfully, like my brothers who starved to death because you just had to go and disrupt our habitat. And you know what that means? It means we are going to tie you down and force you to ingest toxic chemicals that methodically eat away at your insides.

We already got all the poisons from a bunch of hardware stores, and we’re mixing them together as we speak. The concoction will be so potent it will burn holes through your pancreas, liver, and lungs. Sure, that won’t make up for the fact that you’ve destroyed my entire species, but knowing that you keeled over in pain right in front of your children will at least give me and my kind one last moment of deep satisfaction.

And the look on your children’s faces is going to be priceless. They’re going to be super fucked-up because of us. They’re going to need therapy….

The thing that really pisses me off is that it shouldn’t even have to come to this. We’re the state butterfly of New Hampshire. Don’t we deserve a little more respect? I guess not. I guess the town of Rollinsford is going to be bombed off the face of this planet. Why Rollinsford? It doesn’t fucking matter, because it’s gone. Up in smoke. And there will be nothing you or anyone else can do about it except wring your hands and wonder why you didn’t take care of your friend the Karner blue butterfly, who only wanted to help pollinate your plants but is now howling for your blood….

A Karner Blue Butterfly via The Onion

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6 Responses to The Onion: A Karner Blue Butterfly Blogs “If I Go Extinct I Swear I Will Take As Many Humans With Me As I Can”

  1. publius2012 says:

    “Nobody ever suspects the butterfly!” – Bart Simpson

  2. Bruce says:

    Not a great example. Karner blues thrive in the power-line rights-of-way. They thrive because man messes with the environment.

  3. Joan Savage says:

    If the Karner blue butterflies’ future depends on transmission corridors, that is eerily like refugee camps that are not self-sustaining either.

  4. Steve Rankin says:

    The Karner Blue is extirpated from Ontario. I own a medium size patch of tall grass prairie in South West Ontario that is sandwiched between abandoned rail lines. I bought this property some time ago and am preserving and restoring it as a lepidoptera (butterfly, dragon fly, damsel fly) refuge. I’m in the process of establishing new populations of wild lupine (the Karners Blue’s host plant) and I’m hoping to make a short list of properties when the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resurces is ready to reintroduce this butterfly back into Ontario from a surviving population in neighboring Wisconsin. Locally we have 125 species of native butterflies and dragon flies; ALL of whom are threatened by climate change and habitat loss because of intensive corn/ethanol agriculture.

  5. Jim Marzilli says:

    We all worry about our horrific vanishing species, our beautiful butterflies. My latest blog on Monarchs is here

  6. a face in the clouds says:

    Noticed some inquiries about the Monarch Butterfly migration here lately. My kid is an Entomology major in Austin and she spotted a handful on campus two weeks ago. We’ve seen none in our neighborhood even though it is a very bug friendly place. The Passion Flower vines in our yard used to attract quite a few Monarchs and other varieties, but as time goes by they are becoming a pretty rare sight.

    Also, has anybody seen any June Bugs this year? A few years ago they began to show up earlier and earlier in our yard, but the numbers diminished. This year I’ve seen only a half dozen. In a normal year one has to brush them off their hair and clothes before going inside.

    Cue Beethoven’s 6th?