Top Ten Occupy Wall Street Cartoons
By popular demand, I’ve rearranged these a tad.  Here’s more — tell me if you think any of the ones below are better and should be moved up:

h/t  BuzzFeed
And, of course, let’s not forget the classic of last week:

24 Responses to Top Ten Occupy Wall Street Cartoons

  1. prokaryotes says:

    ‎”In 1983, the majority of the mass media was owned by only 50 companies. In 1992, by only 24 companies. In the year 2000, by only 6.”

    Inn the last cartoon, the middle class woman thinks “My glass is half full…”

  2. Mike Roddy says:

    Those are all great, Joe. Let’s get those guys to work on climate change- it’s a rich field for humor.

  3. Tim says:

    I don’t think much is going to happen on climate change until progress is made in loosening the stranglehold the rich have on the country. That’s why the top cartoon belongs where it is – it’s not the funniest, but it nails the essence of the problem: the media will say what corporations want it to say.

  4. Jeff Johnson says:

    I’d like to see the last two moved to the top: Eric Cantor on Americans against Americans, and Dessert American Style.

  5. David Smith says:

    I would put “WALL STREET DEMONSTRATORS Jailed…” In the second position, below, “THEY DON’T REALLY SEEM TO KNOW…”.

    Money corrupting Politics, information flow and thought, is the core problem. The corrupted judicial system, (one that is not blind)is a tiny bit lower on the problem scale and will be corrected once the first is dealt with.

  6. Tom Lenz says:

    Romney-Corporations are people my friend!
    Perry- If only I could find one that isn’t a fine,ethical,tax paying,law abiding Christian American I’d execute the bastard!

  7. Jan says:

    IMHO, “Wall Street’s Occupation”, “Foreclosure” and the last three are the top 5.

    The others are good, too – just not as pointed and relevant, I think.

  8. The first cartoon totally wins.

    On a related note, I did say (on another blog):

    Is the very name ‘99%” still not a clear enough indication of the movement’s general goal? If one can see the big numeral “99%” and still not figure out what the movement’s about, then he’s hopeless.


    Seriously, if some goons need it to be spelled in big bold letters that “We are the 99%” means “Policies should be crafted and implemented to benefit the 99%, not the richest and most powerful 1% — and everything else flows from this basic imperative“, then seriously, it’s the goons’ problem. This stuff isn’t rocket science, folks!

    So the next time some wag tells you “I don’t know what the 99% movement is about”, you can ask him him, “Which part of the sentence ‘We are the 99%’ do you not understand?

    — frank

  9. Tim says:

    My wife and I came up this “consensus” ranking:

    1. They don’t know why they’re protesting.
    2. Wall Street protesters/bankers jailed for…
    3. Dessert American Style
    4. Cantor – dividing America
    5. Foreclosures
    6. Robin Hood
    7. Socialist Hobos
    8. Mr. Burns
    9. Wall Street’s occupation

  10. Peter Mizla says:

    As the great Playwright Arthur Miller said

    “An era can be said to end when its basic illusions are exhausted”

    Baby its over, and what lies ahead………….?

  11. Leif says:

    For well over a year I have been brain storming the roll of the Military in this “class war.” Can this be a window?

    I notice that in the comments that a similar action is being considered by retired police. GREAT! I would love to see retired cops in the ranks. An aside: last week in an Occupy Port Townsend rally a local cop driving buy gave us a “thumbs up.”

  12. Kris says:

    “Wall Street’s Occupation” and “They really don’t seem to know…..” at the top. Corporate “personhood” both distorts and undermines our democracy and our society.

  13. Chris Winter says:

    These are all good — and Tom Toles hasn’t weighed in yet!

    Of this batch, I’d put Hurwit at number 2. But it’s a difficult choice.

  14. Morgan says:

    “Wall Street Demonstrators Jailed” vs “Wall Street Bankers Jailed” should be number ONE, in my opinion.

  15. Anne says:

    Mike Lucovich’s goes towards the top if not 1st place, then Mr. Burns… but they’re all really good.

  16. Romm (or whoever), you may also want to write something about this inane post by Heartland’s Andrew Barr who totally misses the point.

    And this comment is especially golden:

    The protesters are using slogans, often shouted, such as “We Are The 99%” and “Tax The Rich”. There are calls for universal health care, demands for more resources for governments’ schools, and histrionics about the government’s old age pension scheme. It’s like the protesters cherrypicked a few items from the USSR’s constitution of 1936.

    This Marx-baiting is getting a bit old, frankly.

    (Say cheese!)

    — frank

  17. Peter Mizla says:

    and my reply to Barr

    Andrew Barr

    the above is the most arrogant and inane piece of garbage I have ever read. If you want to see the 1917 Reds again- on Wall Street- keep writing crap like this – we are closer to the edge then you think.

  18. Paul says:


  19. Anne van der Bom says:

    (another ‘Anne’)

    ‘Foreclosures’ is definitely the best.

  20. To be clear, that Marx-baiting quoted above was by one ‘Paul Trembley’, not by Barr himself.

    — frank

  21. Daniel J. Andrews says:

    Tea Partiers converge on Congress carrying guns and making threats and the police do nothing. Occupiers move in unarmed during a peaceful protest and get sprayed, beaten and/or arrested. sigh.

  22. Rabid Doomsayer says:

    Climate change is a monsterous problem that could see the world’s population shrink to less than a billion over the next one hundred years, or so. The South could end up in near permanent drought, the East in regular flooding and New York and New Orleans swallowed by the sea.

    Until the last few weeks, I thought climate change was the worst problem facing the US. The logical consequences of what what we are discussing here, what is happening now could be a far more serious problem for the US and far sooner.

    The wealth disparity is unsustainable and a French style revolution which was out of the question a decade ago, now looks possible.

  23. Ziyu says:

    A video simply and coherently expressing the sentiments of the OWS protestors.

  24. My favorite has to be the GOP elephant’s reading of Robin Hood. All are fantastic!