October 25 News: Obama Campaign Hires Former Keystone Pipeline Lobbyist, McKibben Slams Move on Behalf of 99%

Other key stories below: Solar Has Highest Return on Investment Among Renewables; House Votes to Ban Airline Compliance With EU Climate Law

Keystone pipeline

A September protest of the Keystone XL Pipeline project. Credit: AP

Former Keystone Pipeline Lobbyist Hired by Obama Campaign

President Obama’s reelection campaign has hired a former lobbyist for the controversial Keystone XL oil pipeline as a top adviser.

The campaign said that Broderick Johnson, founder and former principal of the communications firm the Collins Johnson Group, would serve as a senior adviser for the campaign. Before founding the firm this spring, he worked for the powerhouse lobbying firm, Bryan Cave LLP, where his clients included Microsoft, Comcast and TransCanada, the company planning to build the $7-billion pipeline to carry crude from Alberta’s oil sands to the Texas Gulf Coast.

Johnson’s federal lobbyist filings indicate that TransCanada paid Bryan Cave at least $240,000 late last year and early this year for Johnson to work on supporting the “submission for a presidential permit for Keystone XL Pipeline.” He lobbied members of Congress, the filings show, as well as the administration and the State Department.

TransCanada spokesman Terry Cunha denied that Johnson lobbied on behalf of the Keystone project.

An Obama campaign official said that in his new role Johnson would “serve as a national surrogate for the campaign and our representative in meetings with key leaders, communities and organizations.  Broderick will be an ear to the ground for the campaign’s political and constituency operations, helping to ensure that there is constant, open communication between the campaign and our supporters around the country.”

JR:  This is a tone-deaf, bone-headed move that Bill McKibben slammed on behalf of the increasingly disenfranchised 99%:


In an emailed statement, climate change activist and Keystone XL critic Bill McKibben complained: “I don’t think you could conceive a more elaborate way to disrespect not just the environmental community but also Occupy Wall Street, because this is simply a reminder of the way that corporate lobbyists dominate our politics…  Forget ‘Hope and Change’ — it’s like they want their new slogan to be ‘Business as Usual.’ “

Solar Has Highest Return on Investment Among Renewable Energy Sources

Return on investment from solar power is higher than from any other renewable energy source, thanks to large-scale technological improvements that are expected to bring down the cost of power generation to $1/W by 2020, according to a new report from SBI Energy. The payback period for a typical PV project has also come down to three to five years, from seven to 10 years.

The report predicts that the cost of solar power production will decrease by half every 10 years, reaching as low as $0.50/W by 2030. Large-scale adoption of PV technology and the emergence of low-cost production sites in China, Taiwan and other Asian markets will further reduce the cost of production in coming years.

Since 2000, cumulative PV installations have grown at a compound annual growth rate of 35%, reaching 40 GW globally in 2010, and the market is estimated to reach 400 GW by 2020. SBI Energy also estimates that the global PV inverters market, currently valued between $5.5 billion and $5.8 billion, will reach $7.5 billion in 2015.

“During 2011-2012, we expect a short-term lull in the European Union PV market, primarily due to [feed-in-tariff] rate cuts and regulations on farm land usage for ground-mount installations,” states Arun Kumar, SBI Energy analyst and author of the report. “But this will be offset by installations in the high-growth markets of North America and Asia, and China in particular.”

Gasoline Prices Edge Down – But Are Still High

The new normal for gasoline prices continues to plague American consumers.

Over the last week, the average price of a gallon of regular gasoline in the U.S. stabilized, down 1.4 cents to $3.462 a gallon after jumping nearly 6 cents a gallon the previous week, according to the Energy Department’s weekly survey of service stations.

But that’s 22.6% higher than the old record for this week of the year, which was an average of $2.823 a gallon set in 2007. For the same week in 2010, the U.S. average was $2.817.

The financial burden in California is even greater. Although the state’s average for a gallon of regular gasoline fell 0.6 of a penny to $3.858, that was 22.7% higher than the previous record for this time of year: $3.143, first set in 2007 and repeated in 2010.

Analysts say that world demand for refined fuels is keeping U.S. gasoline prices high, in part because the U.S. is exporting record amounts of fuel. In addition, U.S. refineries also are processing more diesel, at the expense of gasoline production, to meet that global demand.

Nigerians Seek $1 Billion From Shell Over Oil Spills

A Nigerian community from the oil-rich Niger Delta has filed a lawsuit in the United States seeking $1 billion in compensation from Anglo-Dutch oil major Shell for decades of pollution caused by oil spills.

Last week the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to decide if companies can be held liable in the United States for international human rights law violations.

The decision was related to a case involving allegations that Shell helped Nigeria violently suppress oil exploration protests in the 1990s.

The $1 billion compensation case was filed at a court in Detroit last week, citing the U.S. Alien Tort Statue law, which dates back from 1789. It has been used in the past to charge companies in the United States for breaches of international law.

The suit was brought on behalf of the people of Ogale in the Eleme local government area, where a United Nations environmental report earlier this year found people drinking water contaminated with carcinogens at 900 times the World Health Organization’s safety limit.

House Votes to Ban Airline Compliance With EU Law

Passenger and cargo airlines would be shielded from a European law making carriers worldwide pay for carbon emissions under legislation approved by the House of Representatives on Monday.

Lawmakers sent a strong message to the European Union on its unilateral action, fiercely opposed by carriers, travel groups, labor and a number of countries, including China.

“We made it clear that the United States would pursue the matter,” House Transportation Committee Chairman John Mica told reporters. “They were not very happy campers.”

Mica discussed the matter with EU officials last week in Montreal, and called the initiative “a taxing scheme” and a violation of international law and trade treaties.

European officials had no comment on developments in Congress.

Energy Department Threatened by Cyber Attacks, Report Says

The Energy Department is “routinely threatened with sophisticated cyber attacks” and has not taken the necessary steps to protect itself, according to a report made public Monday.

The report, conducted by Energy Department Inspector General Gregory Friedman, says DOE is working to prevent such attacks. But it identifies a number of vulnerabilities at the department, including unsafe usernames and passwords on computer systems and networks running programs without the required security patches.

“[A]dditional action is needed to further strengthen the Department’s unclassified cyber security program and help address threats to its information and systems,” the report says.

Administration officials view cyber attacks as a growing threat to national security. Cyber attacks on federal agencies have increased by 40 percent since last year, according to the report.

Friedman identifies a 60 percent increase in cybersecurity weaknesses at the Energy Department when compared to fiscal year 2010. Many of the weaknesses identified by the IG last year — 11 of 35 — have not yet been fixed, the report says.

“Although the Department made progress addressing previously identified conditions, we continued to find weaknesses similar in type and risk level to those identified during our FY 2010 review,” the report says.

44 Responses to October 25 News: Obama Campaign Hires Former Keystone Pipeline Lobbyist, McKibben Slams Move on Behalf of 99%

  1. Mike Roddy says:

    It’s not just that Obama is a bad judge of character, he’s even a bad strategist. It reminds me of Hillary hiring PR firm president Mark Penn to run her campaign, a man who is about the most stilted, phony, and greed crazed person imaginable. Clinton lost the nomination because she couldn’t overcome the stilted talking points that Penn kept feeding her. The President is in Los Angeles today for the second time in recent months, attending fundraisers among the local wealthy.

    He seems to be convinced that the reason he won the election last time is the amount of money he raised. So many industry shills have wormed their way into his Administration that Obama believes that this is just the way government business is conducted.

    Clinton was the same way. The elite who run this country have figured out that it’s better to recruit future leaders from poor families, but make sure that they know the program, and are still dazzled by huge mansions and fancy china. The plutocrats learned this the hard way, and still smart over the class betrayals of Roosevelt and Kennedy.

    A former lobbyist who pushed the Keystone Pipeline describes a person with no character and no soul. The fact that Broderick Johnson is now a close advisor to the President is one more event in the growing sadness we feel about the man we hoped would lead us, who is turning out to be not a great man, but a puny one.

  2. Former Keystone Pipeline Lobbyist Hired by Obama Campaign

    Wow, this is just brilliant. When the common people have risen up in arms to protest against manipulation of public discourse by professional bullshitters, Obama somehow concludes that what he should do is … to hire even more professional bullshitters!

    It does seem that Obama simply doesn’t want to listen to the common man; rather, he somehow thinks it’s the duty of the common man to listen to him. Is there no presidential candidate in the US who truly represents the people at all?

    — frank

  3. prokaryotes says:

    Rina rapidly intensifies into a hurricane

    Rina intensified into a hurricane just 21 hours after the first advisory was issued for it as a tropical depression. This is the second fastest such intensification since record keeping began in 1851. Hurricane Humberto of 2007 holds the Atlantic record for fastest intensification from first advisory issued to hurricane strength–18 hours. (Actually, Humberto did the feat in 14 1/4 hours, but this was rounded off to 18 hours in the final data base, which stores points every six hours).

  4. prokaryotes says:

    Dublin Emergency Triggered After ‘Severe’ Flooding; FBD Falls

    Oct. 25 (Bloomberg) — Dublin roads remain closed, public transport disrupted and stores shuttered, after “unprecedented” rainfall caused flooding in the Irish capital.

    Dublin City Council activated a major emergency plan, while south Dublin City Council said that rainfall last night caused “severe flooding.” Dublin-based insurer FBD Holdings Plc dropped as much 3.1 percent to 6.2 euros in Dublin trading, and traded at 6.25 euros as of 9:48 a.m.

    “One month’s rain has fallen in the past 24 hours leading to extensive flood damage,”

  5. Colorado Bob says:

    The latest extreme rain event creams Dublin –
    Parts of the Irish capital were brought to a standstill on Monday (24 October 2011) after a month’s rain fell in six hours.

    Casement Aerodrome received 74 mm in just six hours (1-7 PM), which is more than the whole October monthly average of 68.6 mm for that station, while Dublin Airport received 51 mm during the same period. 24-hour totals were in the region of 100 mm.

  6. prokaryotes says:

    Hungry residents won’t leave flooded Bangkok

    BANGKOK: Fast-rising waters have inundated a widening swathe of the Thai capital as residents, refusing to leave already flooded areas, complain of shortages of food and bottled water.
    Boats and makeshift floats are being used to take essential items through filthy waist-deep water to thousands of residents in the city’s northern suburbs who have chosen to remain at home rather than go to the overcrowded evacuation centres.
    ”The government is providing some essentials but it is not enough,” a middle-aged man told the Herald as he waded through water with his family.
    Advertisement: Story continues below
    Pocky Sae-lim, 35, whose house is flooded, said elderly people and babies were among victims stranded in flooded areas.

    Read more:

  7. Colorado Bob says:

    The latest baseball storm in Okla –
    CROMWELL, Okla. — Richard Butler’s Cromwell farm was destroyed by Saturday night’s hail. “It was about baseball size. It came down hard. It was putting holes in some of our buildings. It was shattering windshields, denting our cars,” Butler said………
    “This morning, I had one dead gull in my yard,” Butler said.

    And walking his land, he discovered dozens more dead seagulls.

    Butler called Rondi Large with WildCare, an animal hospital and health care facility.

    Large walked the property collecting the dead birds that she identified as Franklin gulls.

    She said they must have been migrating south when they got caught up in the massive hail storm.

    “We’re seeing an awful lot of badly broken wings and head trauma. We’ll see fractured backs and things like that with that size hail on these birds,” Large said.,0,3629879.story

  8. prokaryotes says:

    Deadly flooding in Central America: how people contributed to the tragedy
    Hurricane Rina has formed off of the Caribbean coast of Central America as the region digs out from floods that killed more than 100 people. Guest blogger Tim Muth looks at the role that humans play in such tragedies.

    The floods of this month in El Salvador were extraordinary. But when we look at the consequences of the floods, it is clear that calling this a “natural” disaster excuses too easily the role of humankind in contributing to the tragedy. There are several places where the actions or inactions of human beings had a role:

    Global climate change. Weather scientists asked about the flooding rains of October opined that the rains were an example of the more extreme and variable weather events produced by global climate change. The charts I have posted in this blog showing rain totals of other weather events in El Salvador certainly seem to show that the past decade has been significantly worse than the preceding 40 years. The carbon emissions of an industrialized world have created an imbalance producing life-threatening weather events in ever-increasing frequency.

  9. prokaryotes says:

    Committee of MPs criticise £2bn oil and gas tax ‘raid’

    A committee of MPs has criticised the UK Treasury’s decision to increase a levy on the oil and gas industry calling it an “opportunistic raid”.

    The Energy and Climate Change Select Committee report said the way in which the £2bn hike was announced may have undermined investor confidence.

    The MPs suggested the UK government should now attempt to do more to restore industry confidence.

    The SNP’s Mike Weir said the committee was right to criticise the move.

    The report said: “If the government is serious about maximising production from the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS), it needs to consider the long-term impact of changes to the tax regime on investment.

    “The evidence on the impact of 2006 increase in the supplementary tax charge on oil and gas production in the North Sea is inconclusive, but there is a clear need to sustain investor confidence by avoiding surprises, such as the further increase announced in the 2011 Budget.

    “It is not sensible to make opportunistic raids on UKCS producers.

    Energy Minister Charles Hendry said: “Energy security is right at the heart of the coalition’s energy policy.

    “A diverse and increasingly low-carbon energy mix is our best insurance policy against volatility in fossil fuel prices.

    “We are reforming the electricity market to encourage investment in new power stations.

    “We have consented proposals for gas storage facilities that more than double our capacity and have legislated to give Ofgem the power to incentivise the gas market to ensure secure supply.

    “We have also legislated for a mass roll-out of energy efficiency measures across Britain’s housing stock through the Green Deal.”

    Friends of the Earth energy campaigner Paul Steedman called for investment in “clean home-grown power” and a reduction in the energy which is wasted.

    He said: “MPs are right to warn that keeping us hooked on power stations burning imported gas leaves us open to price spikes – and missed climate change targets.

    “The Big Six energy firms have kept us dependent on gas and coal for far too long – the government must stand up to the power giants by backing the committee’s call for tougher emissions limits and investing in a clean energy system.”

  10. prokaryotes says:

    Obama Administration Fails On Promise To Put Solar Panels On White House Roof

    That is very sad

  11. prokaryotes says:

    Climate change has altered the lives of Native Alaskans in the state’s interior in dramatic, sometimes dangerous ways.

    Although the effects of change are well documented along the coast, where higher tides and ferocious storms have threatened native communities, a study by the U.S. Geological Survey has found indigenous people in Alaska’s interior also have felt the transformation to a warmer climate during the past several decades of their lifetimes.

  12. Colorado Bob says:

    China’s glaciers in meltdown mode: study

    Sharp increases in temperature driven by global warming are melting China’s Himalayan glaciers, an impact that threatens habitats, tourism and economic development, says a study released Tuesday.

    Of 111 weather stations scattered across southwestern China, 77 percent showed significant upticks in temperatures between 1961 and 2008, according to the study, published in a British peer-reviewed journal, Environmental Research Letters.

  13. John McCormick says:

    “Broderick will be an ear to the ground for the campaign’s political and constituency operations”

    That’s a good time to step on his head if you see him spread out on the sidewalk.

  14. prokaryotes says:

    Energy change due to hydrogen
    Wind in the tank

    The wind blows when it wants – for the energy revolution that’s a problem. A solution to offer hybrid power plants: convert to green energy in hydrogen, and can be stored. In Berlin, such a plant is in operation, energy managers predict a great future of technology.

  15. Leif says:

    To Bill McKibben and protesters All.
    A few nights ago a Seattle Occupy camp was surrounded by cars with lights and spots to keep protesters from sleeping. I suggested in a brain storming session with others on my email circuit that mirrors need to be deployed if an OSHA approved mirror could be found. Aluminum foil was one thought which prompted Salish Reo, another commentator on CP to suggest the inside of potato chip bags taped to protest signs and propped against the tents or even surround the camp. during the day those signs could serve as reflectors to shine the sun into windows of the one percent during sunny days. Perhaps the Presidents dwellings on Nov 6. “Here Comes the Sun” performed buy the remaining Beatles? They might even be an effective “shield” against attacking police as the sight of themselves attacking themselves might cause pause in at least some.

  16. Joan Savage says:

    With what Colorado Bob and prokaryotes round up from international news of extreme weather, I feel that I get a bonus webpage from visiting CP.

  17. Sasparilla says:

    Frank and Mike you both lay it out so well. Mind blowing choice…

    As Joe says a boneheaded move, although I think its worse than that, I think the administration just doesn’t care – they hired the Transcanada pipeline consulting firm to write the environmental statement for the XL expansion and on and on.

    This administration is one of the most obviously corrupt that I’ve seen for a Democratic administration as in pay to play. Calls to mind the comments on the Grant administration and how corrupt it was with business interests.

  18. Chris Winter says:

    Sounds like a good response to me. It should also annoy the people in their cars (and if they don’t stay in them, they’re probably violating some parking law.)

    Another measure worth considering is those eye covers that people use to get some sleep on airline trips.

  19. Chris Winter says:

    “TransCanada spokesman Terry Cunha denied that Johnson lobbied on behalf of the Keystone project.”

    Of course. And there was no gambling going on at Rick’s Cafe Americain.

    But President Obama has already broken his campaign promise not to hire lobbyists in his administration.

    Obama’s lobbyist rule: Promise Broken
    By Angie Drobnic Holan
    Published on Tuesday, March 17th, 2009 at 1:39 p.m.

    It just seems to be worse, somehow, to hire one for his next campaign.

  20. catman306 says:

    I read that name Broderick Johnson in a totally unrelated story about NPR.

    Michele Norris Temporarily Leaving Position at NPR’s ‘All Things Considered’

    Michele Norris, the co-host of the flagship NPR news program “All Things Considered,” will leave that position for a year, she said Monday, because her husband, Broderick Johnson, is joining President Obama’s re-election campaign.

    It’s nice to know that the co host of a nightly news program that I’ve been listening to for many years is married to a lobbyist for big oil. NOT!

  21. Bill Walker says:

    Joe, the link at the top of Keystone story links back here, instead of to the external source like the other items.

  22. Paul Magnus says:

    Insurance companies are just loving this!

    With the floods over the last 18mths and the big one in Bangkok that will be it for them. Interesting to see what they decide to do going forward….

  23. Paul Magnus says:

    Are the democrats going to field another presidential candidate?

  24. Bill Walker says:

    FWIW, I submitted comments on this at both and If enough of us do this, they might reverse their decision. But of course, what’s done is done and firing Johnson won’t change the mindset that hired him in the first place.

  25. malcreado says:

    The one they got now isnt going to win…

  26. prokaryotes says:


    Renewables could be UK’s major power source by 2030: WWF
    Report says up to 90% of electricity could come from wind, solar, tidal and other sustainable sources – without the need for nuclear

  27. malcreado says:

    Looks like the carbon sinks aren’t holding up.

    Press Release 11-220
    U.S. Rivers and Streams Saturated With Carbon

  28. prokaryotes says:

    Drive Toward Low-Carbon Future Stalls

    MADRID — Before the global economic crisis hit in 2008, concerns about climate change and the security of energy supplies drove a big investment of financial and political capital in the development of alternative energy resources.

    The threat of global warming, combined with record high oil prices, convinced policy makers in the industrial world that dependence on fossil fuels was economically and geopolitically unsustainable.

    Europe, the United States and China earmarked billions of dollars for low-carbon technologies like clean coal, wind and even nuclear power.

    But the credit crunch and recession reined in the gallop toward a low-carbon future. Now, as countries reassess the likely depth and duration of the economic chill, many are rethinking their energy policies.

    In cases like Spain, they are backtracking from the past decade’s robust support for low-carbon technologies that require huge front-loaded investments and public aid programs to encourage production and to compete with cheaper but dirtier fossil fuels.

    Growth in renewables and nuclear power will surely continue, especially in China, but the double-digit growth rate in renewable capacity is likely to slow sharply in Europe and the United States. Carbon capture and sequestration, or C.C.S., technology that until recently was considered a silver bullet to reduce global warming has, meanwhile, fallen off the radar screen altogether.

    Silver bullet? The author must be dreaming.

  29. John McCormick says:

    This is vomit bag material.

  30. John McCormick says:

    Is there no bottom to this next tragic story?

  31. prokaryotes says:

    9 Months After McLean

    In our previous post, The Day After McLean, we examined the 2011 global surface temperature prediction made by data analyst and climate “skeptic” John McLean. McLean’s prediction was rather extreme, calling for the 2011 temperature anomaly to return to (or below) 1956 levels:

    “it is likely that 2011 will be the coolest year since 1956 or even earlier”

    To be blunt, this was an unwise and uninformed prediction. For example, Figure 1 shows the monthly global surface temperature anomalies (from NOAA NCDC, whose accuracy the BEST project has confirmed) for the past decade (2001-2011) and for 1956.

  32. Paul Magnus says:

    a monster for sure…. a very depressing graph….

    Climate Portals

  33. fj says:

    This puts things in perspective:

    In China, in just 25 years, there will be 128 cities w/ over 1m – more than the US and Europe combined @ITDP_HQ

  34. doug burke says:

    A few minutes after reading here about Obama’s hiring this lobbyist, I was reading a fund-raising email from his campaign. You are supposed to click to donate — not to reply. I replied, with STOP THE KEYSTONE XL PIPELINE. I intend to do the same with every Obama/Democratic email I get. If we all did this, maybe they’d notice. They know we are all likely to have supported Obama — that’s why we’re getting the email. So I urge others to do the same: hit reply, and say STOP THE KEYSTONE XL PIPELINE.

  35. Paul Magnus says:

    I use to get emails from Obama and then they stopped for some reason…

  36. Deep Climate says:

    Meanwhile on the Canadian side of the border, (a.k.a. The Ethical Oil Institute) runs amok promoting the “ethical oil” meme first put forth in in Ezra Levant’s book of the same name. Sadly, that framing has been adopted by both government and industry in Canada. Here’s my latest coverage.
    The Ethical Oil Institute on oil sands emissions

    Today I’ll take a detailed look at the Ethical Oil position on the oil sands carbon footprint, as seen in former spokesperson Alykhan Velshi’s error-filled and confused post entitled Mythbusting: Are the Oilsands Major greenhouse Gas Emitters?, part of his “Myths and Lies” series.

    I’ll focus on the two most significant problems in Velshi’s piece:

    * Velshi’s original premise was that not only are oil sands greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions relatively insignificant, but that they are actually declining. This has been partially corrected, presumably in response to my initial commentary on this issue, but in such a way as to render his argument completely illogical. And Velshi’s conclusion still repeats the utterly mistaken assertion that oil emissions “are falling”, whereas in fact they are rising at a rapid rate.

    * Ethical Oil’s credibility is further damaged by misleading statements concerning the supposedly tiny contribution of oil sands emissions when compared to total global human and natural emissions. This echoes barely veiled climate “skeptic” arguments in Ezra Levant’s 2009 book that started the whole “ethical oil” rebranding effort. And an examination of Levant’s previous statements on climate science would appear to confirm that a strong anti-science stance is not far from the surface, despite the efforts of Ethical Oil spokespersons to hide it.

    Also see:

  37. 6thextinction says:

    why would you look to the democrats for anything?

    look to the occupiers; look to the green party; look anywhere but conventional politics and parties. how long will americans try the same thing over and over, and expect to see anything different?

    join the 9/6 dc tar sands protesters; rent a young unemployed person if you can’t go; become an anarchist; stop paying your fed taxes; tear off your clothes and run thru a football field at halftime with a no-tar-sands-pipeline banner flying behind you; anything but bitching about the status quo while waiting for someone else to do something about it!

  38. 6thextinction says:

    stop contributing to npr and call in and tell them during a pledge drive.

    they are hopeless, btw. not being quite as bad as mainstream media does not mean worthy.

    check out some of their major contributors.

  39. 6thextinction says:

    we’ve had choices that represented us, ralph nader for one, but voters are afraid to vote other than repub or dem, and do not seem to realize how very similar the result of that vote has been. when nothing changes, why don’t we? half of us have given up voting, perhaps because they’ve seen it makes so little difference.

    be the change you want. and start now. no time to waste.

  40. David B. Benson says:

    Irrespective of the price of the solar PV cells, there is still the asssembly into panels followed by distribution (shipping) and then installation. Not to mention the inverter and possibly other power electronics. So these news stories proclaiming ‘low cost’ solar PV actually don’t provide the figure I need: installed capital cost.

  41. Roger says:

    Right on, as usual, Mike.

    As someone who worked to get Obama elected in 2008, I’m getting multiple emails per day from the Obama campaign, asking for help.

    I wrote back to say, ~”Not until Barack comes clean on climate and gives a “State of the Climate” address, informing misinformed Americans, as a true leader clearly should.”

  42. At a University of Colorado rally today, President Barack Obama acknowledged protesters who asked him to stop the construction of the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. “We’re looking at it right now,” Obama told the crowd. “No decision has been made. And I know your deep concern about it, so we will address it.”

    Duh. It seems Obama still thinks that the laws of physics are just another interest group.

    — frank