Perry’s New Campaign Ad: “I’m Rick Perry and I Approve of Climate Destruction”

Rick Perry released his first paid campaign advertisement for the 2012 election in Iowa today. Talking exclusively about energy jobs, Perry grins as he explains his plan to open up every crevice in the U.S. to oil, gas and coal extraction — all while stripping the environmental protection agency of its ability to keep the environment clean.

Yes, that’s an inspirational plan all right.

Perry’s campaign doesn’t even bother throwing in an obligatory wind turbine or solar panel to show half-hearted support for an “all of the above” strategy. Nope. This is Perry’s “Drills Gone Wild” fantasy.

Amazingly, this ad is being released in Iowa, a state that gets 20 percent of its electricity from wind.

15 Responses to Perry’s New Campaign Ad: “I’m Rick Perry and I Approve of Climate Destruction”

  1. prokaryotes says:

    Perry’s performances in the GOP debates received generally poor reviews from the media. His speech was so garbled in a debate held in Orlando, Florida that Mark Hemingway of the Weekly Standard asked if Perry had suffered a stroke, and Brit Hume of Fox News stated that Perry, “at a time when he needed to raise his game, I mean, he did worse, it seems to me, than he had done in previous debates.”

    After he mishandled a question about how he would respond to a “3am call” as president, Perry’s advisers insisted that he get more sleep before the remaining debates. However Alex Castellanos said of his next performance, at Dartmouth College, that the next time he should bring a mattress.

    Perry admitted after the event that “Debates are not my strong suit.,_2012

  2. Tom Lenz says:

    Morality doesn’t seem to be his strong suit either.

  3. H Peltan says:

    If he buys one of our comfy futons, he might get a decent nights sleep and be able to think more clearly.

  4. catman306 says:

    Rich Perry is not ineffable. So I guess he’s effable.

  5. johan says:

    Sure! In the name of energy independence as a national security issue he’ll help position the U.S. to be a new Middle East sized EXPORTER of fossil fuel energy (given all the shale oil and tar sands and fracking he didn’t mention) – except we’re not a desert land – we have beautiful, delicate ecosystems here and risk the health of our people, environs, water and all natural resources. (And don’t think there’s not foreign jobs and multinationals and oil cartels involved here that make the man what I would call a TRAITOR!!) It’s against all common sense to get our energy independence from the same old backward deeply entrenched disease of the fossil fuel industries that are ready to go full steam ahead at destroying are planet through pollution, destruction and and global warming which many in the industry leaders and corporations are already confirming and adjusting their portfolios and projects to adapt (no matter how untrustworthily) to the future and to the present awareness that’s becoming common knowledge that demands change. Saudi Arabia is exploring and investing in green tech and solar because they know the future and have a sense of right and wrong!!! George W. Bush even said we’re “addicted to oil” – well, addictions kill! It’s high time we all wake up and smell the green tea!!

  6. Wes Rolley says:

    It may be time to sell Honneywell stock. Last night, the CEO of this once good company, David Cote, showed another exec who is woefully uneducated on energy. At the same time that he talked about needing a “sputnik moment” to excite a new generation of students about science and engineering, he also talked about a short term fix of more drilling to bring us more oil and natural gas, driving the prices down to a Bachmanesque $2.00 a gallon for gasoline and giving those people more money to spend. The economic golden dream.

    (Around 11 min in to here: )

    Besides Wall Street, we need to occupy a few board rooms, or at least sell the stock of companies whose executives just don’t get it.

  7. prokaryotes says:

    Cheniere and BG ink $8 billion deal to export U.S. natural gas
    (Reuters) – Cheniere Energy has signed an $8 billion landmark deal with BG Group to ship U.S. natural gas across the globe, in the first export agreement of its kind from the lower 48 states, the company said Wednesday.

  8. Brett Cottrell says:

    The only thing real about Rick Perry is the laughter. His new economic plan? Sell Texas to China.

  9. Jeff Huggins says:

    Hate to Say It

    I hate to say it, but if we (science-minded folks, folks concerned about climate change, Democrats, liberals, progressives, etc.) can’t get MSNBC, NBC, CNN, ABC and so forth to include direct, clear, straightforward questions about climate change — of the sort that would force Perry to explain why he (as a D student at Texas A&M) thinks that the world’s scientists are wrong about climate change — in upcoming Repub debates, then, well, what can I say? We’ll deserve what we get. WE should be telling MSNBC, Rachel, Ed, and NBC, and CNN, Andersen Cooper, and etc., and ABC and CBS, that if they don’t ask clear questions about climate change in any upcoming Repub debates that they host, we’ll turn them off and go elsewhere for our news from then on.

    The media’s credibility — the little that’s left of it — is at stake.

    And indeed, I think that CP can (and should) do a great deal to make this a point. Do a post. Address it to MSNBC, Rachel, Ed, and NBC, and to Andersen Cooper and CNN, and to ABC and CBS. Discuss the vital importance of CLEAR questions related directly to climate change — not merely to “energy independence” and so forth. Make the point that their own credibility is at stake. Submit specific questions, Joe, that should be included in such debates. Be clear. If the series of Repub debates comes and goes, without much if any direct discussion of climate change, we will have to assign blame either to ourselves (for not pushing the news media enough) and/or to the media themselves — including MSNBC, CNN, and so forth; and if that becomes the case, we should simply stop watching them in response. In my view, our present complacency is striking.

    Be Well,


  10. Wes Rolley says:

    Along with the list that Jeff gave us, we have to add PBS, where Nightly Business Report’s Susi Gharib could not ask Honeywell’s CEO how he, along with Candidate Bachman, are going to find the resources to get gasoline prices down to $2/gal. (see my post above..)

    Just look at their list of sponsors.

  11. Joan Savage says:

    Perry’s cavalierly talking about our regulations that our elected representatives in Congress passed into law on our behalf.
    They are ours, not Obama’s, and not for any president to dispose of at will.

    I hate it when candidates think they are going to do a Napoleon and slip from democracy to dictatorship. I think I’ll go play some Beethoven.

  12. Russell says:

    Having backed Al in 88, might Perry call on him to be the next Admiral Stocker ?

  13. prokaryotes says:

    Rick Perry calls debates a ‘mistake,’ but how can he avoid them?
    Former GOP presidential front-runner Rick Perry says his mistake was taking part in the debates. But now that he’s fallen back, it could be hard to rebound if he avoids future debates.

  14. Tom Lenz says:

    Gov. Perry, how is it that you know more about climate science than climate scientists? What secrets of physics and chemistry are you witholding from us? The media ‘seekers of truth’ know that if they go too far in questioning a candidate and piss him or her off their personal fortunes will suffer if that candidate goes on to higher office and denies them access from then on. How can one be a prestigious journalist if the president won’t let you ride in Air Force One? A cozy enough relationship must be maintained. How ironic that the journalists now shrink from their duties as journalists to protect their careers as journalists.

  15. Tom Lenz says:

    Oh I forgot, his daddy told him it would rain again..someday. Hard to believe it has come to this.