Shell Produces Less Oil, But 2011 Profits Soar 54% to $31 Billion

Royal Dutch Shell announced today profits of $31 billion for 2011, up by 54 percent since 2010. Shell’s fourth-quarter profits slipped four percent compared to the fourth quarter last year. But spurred by high energy prices, the company is making more profit on fewer barrels of oil and cubic feet of natural gas.

Here are a few other facts about Shell:

  • Shell made $31 billion in 2011 profit, or over $3.5 million every hour.
  • Shell, which is Europe’s biggest oil company, is the second biggest player in U.S. oil and gas lobbying, spending nearly $15 million last year.
  • With just BP left to announce its fourth-quarter profits, the big five oil companies stand to pocket more than $130 billion in profits.

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5 Responses to Shell Produces Less Oil, But 2011 Profits Soar 54% to $31 Billion

  1. Leif says:

    So how is that less oil thing working for the rest of us? Think that MORE Green Energy in the mix might turn the tables? I bet the ecocidal fossil industry thinks so, why spend multi-millions lobbying for the status quo otherwise?

  2. prokaryotes says:

    Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to use images which actually reflect the real picture?

    Like, this Shell barrel, which is used actually, instead of the image in this article which looks like taken straight from the hedge fund portfolio of shell marketing adverts.

    I fetch news from here and my page now looks like an oil company. They are so sneaky even advertising on my website. Though i expect people clicking the links and generate some income for my work, rofl.

  3. Leif says:

    Did you know, prokaryotes, that there is a movement to declare the 55 gallon oil drum the Alaska State Flower.

  4. “Shell Produces Less Oil, But 2011 Profits Soar”

    Americans bought 10% LESS oil last year than in 2004 but paid 125% MORE for it; and increase $350 billion dollars.

    Hey paying an extra $350 billion to get 10% less…someone is raking in the moola. Now who would that be?

    And last year along USA bought 4% LESS oil and paid an extra $110 billion MORE for it compared to just the year before.

    No point is switching to renewables. They are too expensive. Oil is what we want to keep buying. Lots more oil…