Must-See Video: Steroids, Baseball and Climate Change

Readers asked what a good extended metaphor was for global warming.  Here’s one, courtesy of the National Center for Atmospheric Research:

AtmosNews takes a lighthearted look at an unexpected analogy, explaining why some people call carbon dioxide (and the other greenhouse gases) the steroids of the climate system. Statistics and extreme behavior are involved, whether we’re talking about baseball or Earth’s atmosphere. NCAR scientist Gerald “Jerry” Meehl explains why.

NCAR has puts it together an very informative website on global warming and extreme weather, which I highly recommend.

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3 Responses to Must-See Video: Steroids, Baseball and Climate Change

  1. Talcott says:

    I imagine google searches for “doping the climate” and “our carbon-doped climate” will soon return results. It fits.

  2. Ernest says:

    Cute. Informative. Succinct messaging. Hope it propagates.