While Digging Up 1,235 Acres For His Golf Course, Donald Trump Says Wind Farms Are ‘Destroying’ Scotland

A bulldozer flattens out coastal sand dunes to make way for Donald Trump's golf course in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Trump says the Scottish First Minister is "hellbent on destroying the Scottish coastline."

Real estate mogul and former Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has outdone himself this time.

After starting construction on a 1,235 acre coastal golf course on rural land in Scotland that will feature two golf courses, 950 houses and a luxury hotel, Trump is now complaining that the Scottish Minister is “hell-bent on destroying Scotland’s coastline” with offshore wind projects.

Last summer, Trump vowed to fight an 11-turbine offshore wind project proposed for waters 1.5 miles away from his sprawling complex where bulldozers have been ripping up untouched grasses and flattening coastal sand dunes to make way for an artificial golf course.

In a letter to Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond sent this week, Trump hilariously says he will try to “save Scotland” (yes, really) from the plight of wind turbines being proposed for the country’s coastline:

“With the reckless installation of these monsters, you will single-handedly have done more damage to Scotland than virtually any event in Scottish history.”

Trump also said he would never be “on board” with the project, which he called “insanity”.

He added: “As a matter of fact, I have just authorised my staff to allocate a substantial amount of money to launch an international campaign to fight your plan to surround Scotland’s coast with many thousands of wind turbines.”

He added: “Please understand that I am doing this to save Scotland.”

One Scottish politician called Trump’s comments “desperate” and “embarrassing” — perhaps two of the biggest understatements of the year so far.

Trump’s letter comes after a multi-year battle with local landowners who don’t want to be forced from their property to make way for the golf course. In one case, Trump built a fence around a local homeowner’s property he deemed “ugly” and then billed him for half the costs!

Yes, this is coming from a man who ran for U.S. president, and who now sees himself as a serious candidate for Secretary of State in order to “be in a position to negotiate against some of these countries.”

Trump has not signaled what his negotiating strategy would be. But if history is any guide, it will likely involve sending hypocritical letters to countries threatening his pet projects.

30 Responses to While Digging Up 1,235 Acres For His Golf Course, Donald Trump Says Wind Farms Are ‘Destroying’ Scotland

  1. MA Rodger says:

    You miss mention that Trump also has planning permission for 500 odd holiday homes to sit along side the wee town he’s building.
    Years back when he has bought the Menie Estate and started his planning application (and objections to off-shore wind farms) he was asked why he felt the Menie Estate was the place for his golf resort and his reply was that it was “so unspoilt”.

  2. Dennis Tomlinson says:

    “More people, more scars upon the land.” -John Denver

  3. Mike Roddy says:

    We don’t get Donald Trump out here on the West Coast. Twenty seconds of listening to him on TV communicates one thing: what an asshole!

    The fact that he got substantial votes in Republican primaries is frightening.

  4. Nancy says:

    I have rarely agreed with Mr. Trump as he is the embarrassment of the U.S.. He spends money like a child and he is the most important being to himself on this planet. Mr. Trump just does not want his day ruined by something as silly as a CLEAN energy source for a country. He tells them he will bring money to them, but to whom and for what at this point in time? With all that is going on in the world has he done anything genuine for others ? Buying folks out of their homes and ripping up the coast is crude selfishness that will create his ultimate demise. Peace and blessings to the people of Scotland and Please, be very careful of this wolf in sheeps clothing.

  5. will says:

    Europeans know by now that Americans take great pride in their first amendment rights to have an uninformed opinion. And if one is wealthy enough, one can fund super PACs in order to influence other uninformed people to vote for their particular uninformed cause. If one is wealthy enough and has unlimited access and influence in government already by having bought said influence over many years of corruption, one can bypass the need for influencing voters and utilize other less costly, more effective strategies of power through directly subverting the US Constitution by illegal wiretapping, sequestering one’s enemies to unlimited terms in prisons without charge, using the national media for fear-mongering, through McCarthyite tactics of targeting innocent civilians, etc. Perhaps Mr Trump should withdraw his stock from all of those ‘insane’ turbine generating manufacturers and funders such as GE, Westinghouse, Google, etc, etc, etc….

  6. Lionel A says:

    Trump is a travesty of humankind. The world doesn’t need any more golf courses especially not where he has dropped one. That he got planning permission stinks.

    I spent a good part of my youth trudging glens and bens across Scotland and was familiar with the Aberdeen area being based to the south and by visiting various places nearby playing rugby.

  7. Lou Grinzo says:

    Trump is the best example I could name of a phenomenon that’s been gaining steam the world, particularly in the US: Insanely wealthy (and in some cases insane) individuals who become living corporations. They pursue their personal goals with absolutely zero concern for anyone else. At every turn, at every decision point in their lives, the paramount question is, “What’s in it for me?”

    This leads to head exploding statements and actions like those detailed above, and the absolutely laughable and terrifying concept of Trump being Sec. of State. While I would NEVER want to see him in that or any other important government role, I do have to wonder what it would be like when he tried to deal with, say, China or North Korea or Iran or Russia on some highly contentious issue, and suddenly found that his money and name recognition didn’t mean a thing.

  8. Donald Nelson says:

    Suggestion for Scotland… Once Mr. Trump gets sufficiently invested in his little project, start putting little “Roadblocks” in his way until it winds up costing him twice what he originally thought. Explain to him that it is all in the best interest of keeping Scotland unspoiled. B^)

  9. Nancy says:

    What a “Wind” Bag! lol!

  10. Donna-Lee Phillips says:

    The Scots should have run him out of the country before he dug the first hole. If anyone is “hellbent on destroying Scotland’s coastline” it’s Donald Trump.

  11. facts lean left says:

    Trump himself has a huge wind farm between his ears.

  12. Jackie says:

    The Donald saw how easy it was to give a bribe to Virginia Gov. McConnell for some really cheap property for wine vine fields. The Donald is how easy it is to trick these GOP group of nuts and is making the best of it. He tried using Russia but they learned he was really in debt so backed off the deal.

  13. Lorna F says:

    No, no, no…..”Wolves” are much too good to equate this arrogant, selfish, self serving example of how low a human is capable of lowering themselves to. More a snake….and leave it at that. He is the finest example of Conservative Republicanism that is basically ranting & raving about raising of taxes on the 1% & also a perfect example of the off-shoring of his American made profits and avoidance of taxation. Eeuuuw to him and his counterparts and so sad to admit that he is an American-made piece of wealth.

  14. Kai Presler-Marshall says:

    Reading about this just makes me disgusted. Talk about needless environmental destruction and an individual hell-bent on protecting his own interests.

  15. Connie Hines fan says:

    Hey Donald! Got any of that “surprising” data about Obama’s birth certificate?

    Trump is one person with ZERO good qualities.

  16. prokaryotes says:


    Google “trump toupee”

  17. Vincenyt says:

    Who needs wind farms when you have that big windbag Trump. Just stand him on the coast and harness the wind coming from his bloated blowhole. What a moron !

  18. Joseph A says:

    I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that the Scots aren’t going to be told how to run their country by a gasbag jackass from NYC.

  19. Rosa Redd says: – A Straw-Haired Bellowing MacTrumpet Creature Wandering About The Menie Estate In Aberdeenshire Scotland Last Week. It Was Seen Shrieking at Offshore Windmills That It Believes Are Ferocious Giants…!

  20. Rosa Redd says: – Shocking Truth Behind Doughnut MacTrumpet’s Hair Revealed..?

  21. Chris says:

    Trump is the king of buffoons. No one cares or listens to what he has to say except the media who gives his krap talk loads of media space and unwanted attention. The media stands a step below Trump in buffoonry.

  22. Jim says:

    I’m thinking they actually stand shoulder to shoulder.

  23. Chris Lines says:


  24. Antony B says:

    Sadly having to live in Scotland and follow the lurid activities of said Trump, we are equally embarrassed as most decent American are. Our legal structure allows unscrupulous exploitation by mega rich individuals or corporations, certainly added by financial and legal bodies, much to the disgust of most of us here.

  25. Janice B. says:

    I am disgusted with what Donald Trump has been allowed to do regarding the dunes and the area in general. The local government’s decision not to allow this was overruled by the Scottish government. Can someone explain to me how this can happen? Can the area residents and/or the local government take the individuals (who allowed Trump to do this) to court? Something’s not right here. My mother is from Scotland and I’m first generation Canadian. Tourism brings in a lot of money world wide and like other countries, Scotland has many tourists coming to see the various sights. It’s sad to see this happening. What about using the Land Reform Act where people have access rights? If a law is used correctly and to the Scots’ advantage, then something can be done to stop this. Those individuals who overruled the local government should have their heads read and should be fired from their jobs! Here’s hoping that something can be done to stop the Trump stupidity!

  26. Mike says:

    If Donald likes building fences round other people, maybe a power company could build windmills ALL round his site. Not just big ones to spoil the view, but ALL sizes and ALL frequencies of hum. And give him the chance to contribute to Scotland by cutting him off the national grid and letting him have green electricity at special (high) rates. Oh, and don’t forget he does not want windmills so don’t let him have his own!

  27. Celeste Kent says:

    Aside from some self serving complaints from Mr Trump, has any action about those wind farms been done,the article didn’t say. He could lose some money on those expensive estates with those wind farms in place, but so what! That’s the risk when you started and knew they were there Mr. Trump.

  28. James Boag says:

    Living on the Coast just south of Aberdeen, where we have natural Golf courses build into the landscape, We will have the last laugh when his Hotel and Holiday village are eaten by the dunes he’s messing with, In Montrose we had a WW1 Airfield, I say had !

  29. No, no, no … Snakes are glistening clean creatures of nature. Trump is dirty and mean, a small minded bigot who is attempting to mine the planet and civilization for insane reasons even he cannot articulate.

  30. “Trump Admits Toupee From Endangered Species”