McKibben Talks Keystone XL on Colbert Report: “We Blew By Half a Million” Messages to Congress in 6 Hours

Environmental Activist and Founder Bill McKibben had a lot to be excited about when he walked onto the Colbert Report last night. After wondering publicly whether the environmental movement could accumulate 500,000 messages in 24-hours from citizens opposed to the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline, by last night he announced that they’d done it in less than seven.

But the battle over Keystone XL is not even close to finished. The Senate introduced an amendment in a transportation bill yesterday that would allow Congress to approve the project. Meanwhile, activist groups are hoping to raise over one million signatures against the tar sands pipeline by noon today — shattering any previous petitions from environmental organizations.

So it was fitting that faux-pundit Stephen Colbert invited McKibben “the troublemaker” onto his show just before the next Congressional showdown. Will the rally against the Keystone XL experience the infamous “Colbert Bump” after last night’s appearance? We can only hope.

“The Colbert Bump is the curious phenomenon whereby anyone who appears on The Colbert Report gets a huge boost in popularity, causing them to win elections, receive massive increases in money (making Colbert the greatest fundraiser ever), receive major awards and even get laid (The Colbert Bumpin’ Uglies).

Watch McKibben’s segment on last night’s show:



5 Responses to McKibben Talks Keystone XL on Colbert Report: “We Blew By Half a Million” Messages to Congress in 6 Hours

  1. M Tucker says:

    So Bill and are the people who are going to get us all plug-in hybrids? I haven’t seen or heard the messaging on that subject. How long have those gas and planet saving hybrids been around? I wonder how long it will take before we are all driving those wonderful hybrid and plug-in hybrid and all-electric vehicles? Another 10 years perhaps?

    But, without question, Keystone XL would not have been postponed if it were not for the efforts of Bill Mckibben,, and all the folks who participated and got arrested. That is a big accomplishment! The result is the US remains the sole consumer of Canadian tar sand oil. So, ignoring Colbert’s remark about $5 gas, Bill should have mentioned that completing the XL pipeline would have increased the cost of that nasty Canadian crude while not having the new pipeline keeps the price down, at least for a while. So, I’m thinking that all auto commuters ought to send Bill a thank you note.

  2. Pennsylvania Bob says:

    EVERYONE ought to send Bill a thank you note for leading us in this fight. And that includes children and the unborn.

  3. Liz Aitken says:

    Any chance that someone can load a version of the interview that can be viewed outside the US?

    I’d really like to see it.

  4. jEREMY says:

    Tuck, it seem hopeless, I know, plus we are seeing the population of the earth go perhaps to 9 billion and wanting the American lifestyle. Cracks are already appearing in the “system”…$5.00 a gas this summer is just the beginning…perhaps we waited too long to act? Hope not, but turning to non convewntional fuels is NOT the answer and will quicken our demise.