Infographic: The Solyndra Witch-Hunt One Year Later

Marking the one-year anniversary of the Solyndra investigation, the Republican National Committee released an infographic on President Obama’s supposed “insider deals.”

But after 187,000 documents, 10 hearings, and multiple independent media investigations concluding there was no evidence of political “pressure” to approve the loan guarantee, Republicans show no signs of ending the political games around Solyndra. In response to the RNC, Climate Progress created its own infographic that puts the politics-infused investigation into perspective:

And if you hadn’t seen it, here’s the RNC’s version:

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3 Responses to Infographic: The Solyndra Witch-Hunt One Year Later

  1. Sasparilla says:

    Gives good insight as to what the House will be doing in the future with regards to Green Energy while in GOP hands (no end in sight for that).

  2. Digby Dellums says:

    Very good argumentative graphic – are you invalidating the WP article upon which the GOP graphic is based?