Pollutocrat Deniers Charles And David Koch File Suit To Take Over The Cato Institute

The top funders of anti-science disinformation in this country, the Koch brothers, are fighting in court to seize control of the Cato Institute. The Washington Post’s Allen McDuffee broke the amazing story this morning. Politico further reports:

Charles G. Koch and David H. Koch, the deep-pocketed conservative activists, launched a court fight yesterday over control of the Cato Institute, one of the nation’s best-known free-market think tanks. The Washington-based public-policy group was founded in 1974 as the Charles Koch Foundation. The name was changed to Cato in 1976, with the Koch brothers as longstanding contributors. The group had four shareholders until last year: Charles Koch; David Koch; Edward H. Crane III, Cato’s president; and William A. Niskanen, who died in October.

You can read the Kochs civil filing here.

Koch officials tell Politico that the brothers think the shareholder agreement is clear that there should now only be three shareholders, while Crane thinks Niskanen’s 25-percent control should go to his widow, Kathryn Washburn. “We’ve proposed a stand-still agreement and third-party mediation,” said Wes Edwards, deputy general counsel of Koch Companies Public Sector LLC. “We feel that we’ve been refused. … We haven’t alleged any wrongdoing or sought any damages. This is not about money. We view this as a matter of shareholder rights.”

Let’s remember who the Kochs are — billionaire brothers who have done more to spread anti-science, pro-pollution disinformation than any other people on the planet:

Of course, the Cato Institute has been a bastion of anti-science, pro-pollution disinformation for a long time, with research fellows like Patrick Michaels, who is a serial deleter of inconvenient data. This power grab would just make it official that Cato is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Koch Industries.

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10 Responses to Pollutocrat Deniers Charles And David Koch File Suit To Take Over The Cato Institute

  1. Last night’s programming on PBS’s NOVA was quite interesting. It was on Japan’s Killer Quake as we near the 1 year anniversary. Focus was on the Tsunami, with a bit of attention being paid to Fukushima. There was a lot of attention being paid to the tsunami warning system, the center in Hawaii that was able to be very accurate in most of it’s forecasts.

    Three facts made this highly ironic.
    1. they made a big point of the fact the the 2011 major event increased the stresses on the fault off the coast near Tokyo.
    2. with all of the focus on tsunami prediction and the effectiveness of the alert system, why has funding for that same system been cut in next year’s budget?
    3. and most of all was the fact that the only sponsor mentioned was David H. Koch.

    I guess that the brothers will not be happy until their coronation, at which time I might just move to the southern hemisphere.

  2. prokaryotes says:

    Koch Industries done deals with Iran, long after embargo’s were taken place. They undermined crucial foreign US policies. And they will do so again, till these thugs are brought to justice!

  3. facts lean left says:

    The infighting of rich white trash; what a waste.

  4. prokaryotes says:

    In other words: The guy (David Koch) in charge of the fire alarm, manipulated it.

  5. Truth in advertising: they should be required to call it the Koch Institute.

  6. Chris Winter says:

    I don’t follow the outputs of the Cato Institute closely, but I presume the Koch brothers want full control so they can prevent certain “inconvenient” outputs. I further presume these were due to Edward Crane and/or William Niskanen, and that they would continue if Niskanen’s widow gets his share.

    I can’t see any other reason for the Kochs to do this.

  7. Sasparilla says:

    Great article Joe – the original name on the Cato, which I didn’t know until today really cements what that shill organization is.

    These are the two individuals who have done, by far, more than any other single person in the world to prevent action on climate change and ensure the destruction of civilization (as we know it) as this century comes to a close.

    These guys will be put on the same pedestal as the worst tyrants from world history when humanity gets to pay for what it has allowed to happen.

    For prokaryotes….wearing those evil rings of power they have been granted unusually long life as sauron watches and guides them… ;-)

  8. Snapple says:

    The address for Mr. Crane on the legal document says Jupiter Lane. Actually, the correct address is Juniper Lane.

    I know the area.

  9. Leif says:

    These GOP are like mosquitoes at sunset. They keep coming after you. Sooner or later one will get your blood. All they need then is a stagnant pool to lay their eggs and carry on the line. In this respect the GOP do one better, they even make their own stagnant water.

  10. Tim says:

    Along with their plutocatic propaganda, the Cato Institute put out some pretty strongly anti-war stuff at one time. Perhaps that’s what the Koch’s are looking to eliminate. If they think war is good for profits, then let’s not get in the way of that.