Hilarious: Mad Asks … Who Said It? Mitt Romney or Mr. Burns?

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  1. Sasparilla says:

    This was hilarious – the comments by Romney are so damaging for a politician…its really amazing. Definately gives the feel of the 1% guy who just doesn’t get what’s wrong with let them eat cake…

  2. Doug Bostrom says:

    Who said it?

    “The climate is always changing. There is certainly some contribution from the greenhouse gases, but whether it is currently a dominant factor or will be a dominant factor in the next century, is a topic under active debate. Because of the IPCC and its consensus seeking process, the rewards for scientists have been mostly in embellishing the consensus. An increasing number of scientists are becoming emboldened to challenge some of the basic conclusions of the IPCC. We have only been considering one policy option (CO2 stabilization), which in my opinion is not a robust policy option given the uncertainties in how much climate is changing in response to CO2. I agree that there is lack of accountability in the whole climate enterprise…”

    Romney, or Santorum?


  3. fj says:

    Cartoon Tuesday: Where Do They Get the Money?
    (Or energy)

  4. Tom King says:

    Who said it?

    1.) “We may be heading for $5 [per barrel oil price]”
    2.) “to $2 or $3 a barrel.” [per barrel oil price]”

    Answer 1.) Economist Magazine 1999 2.) Algerian Energy Minister (same article)

  5. Dan Ives says:

    Reminds me of Foreign Policy’s quiz about Iran (except theirs isn’t so hilarious).

    Who said it: Bush or Obama?,0

    They also did one between Rick Santorum and Iran’s Supreme Leader.

  6. M Tucker says:

    The only one I missed was #2. So Romney likes to shoot rodents and bunnies. I’m a little surprised he would admit to such a thing to a Republican audience (I am assuming he said this on the stump) who might look on that as a bit wimpy. Not really the best way to curry the outdoorsman vote. You don’t see many articles in the hunting magazines about the best spots for varmints. I wonder if he used a guide? Well, after all, he is no outdoorsman. He does not engage in the kinds of activities that the common folk enjoy. Romney’s big game hunting involves weak and sick US corporations. He snares them, guts them, cuts them into saleable portions, ships the jobs overseas, and collects the profits…that’s his sport.