In Romney’s California Mansion, Cars Get Their Own Elevator

Mitt Romney's California beach house is pictured. | POLITICO

Politico: "The renovation may further hinder Romney's ability to connect to the average voter."

To paraphrase F. Scott Fitzgerald, the 1% are different than you and me.

For Mitt Romney, who’s in the 1% of the 1%, that means a “four-car fantasy home,” as Politico put it after seeing the amazing blueprints for Romney’s proposed California beach house.

The “cars will have their own separate elevator,” and the redesigned house will have “a 3,600-square foot basement — a room with more floor space than the existing home’s entire living quarters.”

What exactly is this elevator? Politico explains:

But it may not help Romney — whose wealth has caused him trouble connecting with average folks — to be seen building a split-level, four-vehicle garage that comes with a “car lift” to transport automobiles between floors, according to 2008 schematic plans for the renovation obtained by POLITICO that are on file with the city of San Diego.

Ya think?

Remember, Romney plans to make the impact of rising gasoline prices on average American families a major component of his campaign — after shaking his Etch a Sketch and erasing his 2006 support for high gasoline prices to discourage consumption.

What might this elevator look like? Here’s a picture of what seems like a similar design on the web:


In case you were worried that the city might not okay Romney’s plans, Politico reports the project has “its own lobbyist, hired by Romney to push the plan through the approval process.” The lobbyist has been paid “$21,500 since 2008” to lobby four city officials.

This is how capitalism works. The 1% of the 1% hires the 1% to grease the wheels, so to speak. Trickle down economics at work.

The next time gasoline prices surge, remember that Romney feels your pain — or at least he can hire someone who will feel your pain.

7 Responses to In Romney’s California Mansion, Cars Get Their Own Elevator

  1. prokaryotes says:

    So much room for activities!

  2. John Tucker says:

    when the tax man comes a rusted out pinto magically levitates into the garage.

  3. cervantes says:

    Somehow I don’t think Mr. Romney will be interested in this: West Antarctic ice shelves tearing apart at the seams. “The most extensive record yet of the evolution of the floating ice shelves in the eastern Amundsen Sea Embayment in West Antarctica shows that their margins, where they grip onto rocky bay walls or slower ice masses, are fracturing and retreating inland. As that grip continues to loosen, these already-thinning ice shelves will be even less able to hold back grounded ice upstream, according to glaciologists at The University of Texas at Austin’s Institute for Geophysics (UTIG).”

  4. Really, “hinder Romney’s ability to connect to the average voter”? Ya think? When Romney just hired $21,500 worth of “ability to connect to the average voter”?

    Over at Politico, we have commenters worshipping Romney as a hero. Or perhaps ‘commenters’, but they look the same anyway.

    Romney’s “ability to connect to the average voter” is doing just fine.

    — frank

  5. Mike Roddy says:

    Romney has the look and feel of someone who never went on an interior journey. Maybe he was right to not explore its horrors, but we will be stuck with them if he is elected.

    He’s all about cars, planes, and mansions. Running for president tones down the empty feelings all that stuff brings.

  6. Ed says:

    Even for the smartest people with the best helpers, it takes a lot of time and energy to manage one’s personal empire of houses, cars, boats, etc. When would one have time to govern?

  7. ozajh says:

    OK, I’ll bite on this one. Having your garaging in a basement with a car lift is a LOT better aesthetically than a line of garage doors.

    (Yes, I understand there are serious issues about the ethics of multiple car ownership.)