April 10 News: High Summer Temperature Variability Causing 10,000 Extra Deaths Per Year, Study Finds

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Researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health have “estimated that greater summer temperature variability, a predicted consequence of climate change, is causing 10,000 additional deaths per year in the United States, a figure that is likely to rise along with the mercury.”  The study found, “For each increase of 1 degree Celsius in summer temperature variability, the death rate for infirm elderly residents rose between 2.8 percent and 4 percent, depending on the ailment.” [Boston Globe]

Global warming may initially make the grass greener, but not for long, according to new research conducted at Northern Arizona University. [Drovers]

With diesel prices topping $4 a gallon, some companies have upgraded to fuel-efficient diesel, natural gas, electric and hybrid rigs. Others are changing driver habits or using software to minimize idling. [Los Angeles Times]

Lighting manufacturer Cree Inc. says it has halved the cost of its light-emitting-diode streetlights and hopes the new lower prices will sway local governments to adopt the new technology. [Wall Street Journal]

Many cities have green reputations — Portland, Ore., even has its own vertical gardens. But in the developing world, where middle classes are growing along with consumption, waste and energy use, Mexico City is a brave new world. [New York Times]

A group of American zoo and aquarium officials are asking the federal government to let them import orphaned bear cubs from Canada, so that some can be bred in captivity. [Washington Post]

New York City has tripled its production of solar power by completing the installation of panels on 10 city-owned buildings, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Monday. [Wall Street Journal]

The sun is shining on homeowners in less affluent neighborhoods who are discovering they can afford solar energy after all — by leasing rather than buying the panels on their roofs. [Renewable Energy World]

Arizona’s solar energy advocates are watching their state’s legislature for a possible move to undercut policies of deploying and harvesting perhaps the finest U.S. solar resource. [Greentech Media]

The Internet of Things could have a mind-boggling 24 billion devices connected by 2020 and that means there will be more than three times the amount of connected devices as people on the planet by that time. [earth2tech]

2 Responses to April 10 News: High Summer Temperature Variability Causing 10,000 Extra Deaths Per Year, Study Finds

  1. David B. Benson says:

    Joe Romm — I recommend “A New Green Agenda for Commuters” by Lisa Margonelli (New America Foundation) in the 2012 Apr 16 issue of The Nation.

    While I would hope that all your readers subscribed to The Nation, for those who don’t you might care to repost the excellent article here [assuming The Nation allows that].

  2. J4zonian says:

    Aquarium officials want to import bears?

    As fish food?