GOP Rep. Stephen Fincher: ‘We Must Cut The EPA’s Legs Off’

The Environment Protection Agency is a favorite punching bag for Republican lawmakers, including freshman Tea Party Rep. Stephen Fincher (R-TN). In the fall, Fincher co-sponsored the House GOP’s Farm Dust Regulation Prevention Act, a bill that uselessly “fought” a mythical attempt by the EPA to regulate farm dust.

At an April 5th roundtable in Dyersburg, TN, Fincher said the agency’s efforts to clean up the air and water warrant the political equivalent of a violent physical attack:

We must, we must cut the EPA’s legs off. I hate to say that because it sounds rotten but they are choking this country to death with legislating through the bureaucracy in Washington. I mean we have fought dust legislation we have fought water. You name it it is something every day from the Environmental Protection Agency and every group I talk to is the same message, ‘please stop them, please stop.”

Watch it:

This adds to the long list of extreme rhetoric from Republicans about the nation’s environmental agency.

House Republicans have attempted to strip both funding and regulatory power from the EPA, including trying to block overdue mercury pollution limits, and even nonexistent regulations, like the made-up farm dust rule.

Recent EPA measures will save tens-of-thousands of lives while the economic benefit of the regulations outweigh their costs by $10 billion to $95 billion a year.

7 Responses to GOP Rep. Stephen Fincher: ‘We Must Cut The EPA’s Legs Off’

  1. Zimzone says:

    Apes evolve.
    Republicans devolve.
    Darwin wept.

  2. M Tucker says:

    Since he lies about dust standards I suspect he is lying about “all the groups he talks with.”

  3. squidboy6 says:

    I was born in Tennesse and they once had the best school system, on par with California and New York when they were top flight schools, in the country.

    We left and moved to the West Coast. I’ve been back recently for two periods in the last year and the place, Tennessee, has undergone a regression which is both astounding in the the depths that it has fallen to and the people who it’s hit, mostly the poor people of color.

    I’ll say it plainly, Tennessee is hell. It’s the most miserable place I’ve ever been. I thought Lompoc, Ca was bad (I lived near that place and worked there for three years) but all of Tennessee is a place where stupidity has found an audience and it’s milking them for every cent they’ve got.

    It’s willful ignorance too. Racism and hate are the ideals that these people ascribe to. It’s only gonna change when the rest of the country has pulled itself up and Tennessee becomes the village idiot. There is one place that’s worse, Alabama. Boycott these two states and their products. FedEx is a big employer in Memphis, and so is AutoZone which bought ads with Rush’s program. I now avoid them, although FedEx could be a force for good. They were once, in the 1980s, they supported equal rights.

  4. Ziyu says:

    Well that depends on what groups he talks to. My guess is that, like many of the Republicans, he lives in a bubble surrounded by corporate lobbyists so every group there is against the EPA.

  5. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    I love it! And the ‘security staff’, when they realise that their loved ones are doomed, why they’ll definitely stay loyal to their masters, won’t they?

  6. Dennis Tomlinson says:

    From the plot of the 70’s SciFi flick “THX 1138”: The security guards are androids. Harmony is maintained via use of mind-altering drugs, which are mandatory. And for obvious reasons, sexual intercourse is illegal.