Helping Cheney Think

Yesterday Vice President Dick Cheney declared, “I can’t think of anybody more qualified than Paul Wolfowitz to run the World Bank.”

The two most important qualities that one must possess to run the World Bank are that (1) s/he must care about the mission of the World Bank, and (2) s/he must have demonstrated superior leadership capabilities.

Working off that assumption, here’s a quick list to help the vice president…

Patty Stonesifer: President of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, where she runs its mission to “improve access to advances in global health and learning”; formerly senior vice president at Microsoft; member of U.S. delegation to the U.N. General Assembly Special Session on AIDS.

William Reilly: EPA administrator under Bush 1, and former president of the World Wildlife Fund. Created an innovative plan that enabled several Latin American countries to have some of their debts forgiven if they invested the money internally on environmental reform.

Brian Atwood: First president of the National Democratic Institute; former administrator at the Agency for International Development, where he streamlined the agency to devote more money to services and less to bureaucracy; formerly directed Citizens International and is now dean of the Hubert Humphrey Institute at the University of Minnesota.

And there are so many others. If we stick to the “Americans only” tradition, two other good candidates would be Carly Fiorina and Jeff Sachs … the list goes on and on …