Wrong Again, Rumsfeld

Just minutes ago at a Pentagon press conference with General Pace, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld was asked if the abuse of detainees was a systemic problem:

QUESTION: …I wonder if you would just respond to the suggestion that there is a systemic problem rather than the kinds of individual abuses we’ve heard of before?

RUMSFELD: I don’t believe there’s been a single one of the investigations that have been conducted, which has got to be six, seven, eight or nine…

PACE: Ten major reviews and 300 individual investigations of one kind or another.

RUMSFELD: And have you seen one that characterized it as systematic or systemic?

PACE: No, sir.

RUMSFELD: I haven’t either.

Oh really? Gen. John Abizaid — who overseas all U.S. forces in the region — had a different take when he testified under oath before the Senate Armed Services Committee last May:

From evidence already gathered, we believe that systemic problems existed at the prison that may have contributed to events there.