Bush Took His Eye Off The Ball

Here’s what the New York Times is reporting from Afghanistan today:

The loss of a military helicopter with 17 Americans aboard in eastern Afghanistan on Tuesday comes at a time of growing insecurity here. For the first time since the United States overthrew the Taliban government three and a half years ago, Afghans say they are feeling uneasy about the future.

Violence has increased sharply in recent months, with a resurgent Taliban movement mounting daily attacks in southern Afghanistan, gangs kidnapping foreigners here in the capital and radical Islamists orchestrating violent demonstrations against the government and foreign-financed organizations.


Bush: “Working with a fine coalition, our military went to Afghanistan, destroyed the training camps of Al Qaida, and put the Taliban out of business forever.” [11/24/03]

Bush: “Because of American soldiers and our brave allies and friends, who have fought beside them, the Taliban is out of business.” [3/15/02]

Bush: “Our first objective in the first theater against the war against terror has been achieved: The Taliban are out of business.” [2/4/02]

Bush: “Now thanks to the United States and our fine allies, Afghanistan is no longer a haven for terror, the Taliban is history, and the Afghan people are free.” [8/14/03]

Bush: “Today, Afghanistan is a world away from the nightmare of the Taliban.” [7/12/04]

Seems to conjure up memories of Mission Accomplished